Cavalier County Commissioners have unanimous vote

The Cavalier County Commissioners met this past Tuesday.


Posted on 8/23/14

The commissioners made their decision regarding the proposed additional one mill for the Ambulance service.

After additional discussion amongst the commissioners and those in attendance, the commissioners decided that they could not raise the current mill levy based on the information they had been provided with by the Cavalier County Hospital.

The Ambulance service may now use the means of petition to have the proposal put onto the next ballot for a vote by the  public.

Kristen  Hillier, who is the Tax Director for Cavalier County, presented the commissioners with a proposed agreement between the County and Sidwell Company.

Sidwells currently holds the data for geographical information (GIS) of Cavalier County. The agreement would be that a portion of a preparation and data collection charges made by Sidwells would be given to Cavalier County. This preparation charge would only apply to non county  business. This  would not affect residents. The proposed agreement was accepted.

In Other Business

• The commissioners received the Budget for Public Health.

•The commissioners locked in 10,000 gallons of propane  at $1.80 from Farmers Union of Langdon for public projects.

•Discussion of gravel roads in need of repair.