United Lutheran Church welcomes new pastors

The United Lutheran Church has welcomed two new pastors  to lead their congregation.

new pastors

Posted on 8/23/14

Karl and Rebecca Breddin come to Langdon on their first official call after spending two years in Valley City completing their internships.

Karl and Rebecca went to  seminary school in St. Paul, MN  at Luther Seminary.

Prior to going to seminary school Karl worked at a Bible camp as a counselor. Rebecca was a youth director in South Dakota.

Karl will be the full time pastor while Rebecca will be part-time. Both will be at worship and plan on alternating preaching. Karl will have more to do with worship, leading, and pastoral care while Rebecca will have more involvement with the youth programs and Sunday school. Both are very much looking forward to becoming a part of the community.

“Being involved in the community is important, and just getting to know people here an listening to what makes United Lutheran different and what they have been a part of. “ Rebecca said.

“We know that a big part of the identity of United is working with the youth, they are our future, and missions that are more than just building. We both are in tune with that already. “ Karl added.

The Breddins have been married for 12 years and have three children, Xavier, 10, Lydia, 5, and Tobin, 3. They are looking forward  to joining the community of Langdon, learning about hockey, and attending events such as football games.