Mugshots Permanent Makeup opening

Bonnie Karsky, of Langdon, is bringing a new and unique service to the area; she will be opening a permanent make-up salon on September 1 called Mugshots.

Permanent makeup

Posted on 8/30/14

By Dee Entzi

Karsky has been involved in the world of beauty for over 10 years. She was the first in the state of North Dakota to test the Nail Technician Boards and pass in 1993. She went on to open Nail Connections here in Langdon where she provided different nail services to the community. In October of 2012 she sold her business so she could travel to California and pursue an education in permanent make-up. Now that she is finished with her schooling, she is bringing her passion home and giving everyone in the area a new perspective on make-up.

“I am so excited to be serving Langdon and the surrounding area again!” Commented Karsky, she continued, “Doing permanent make-up has been something I have wanted to do for years and has finally happened. I look forward to another great adventure!”

The procedure of applying permanent make-up is a cosmetic form of tattooing; color is placed within the skin for a lasting look. Eye liner, lip liner, and eyebrow touch-ups are the most common procedures. However, this technique can also be used to fix scars, brown spots, skin imperfections and other correcting. Permanent make-up is proven safe, though patients can have adverse reactions. There are several health and safety measures taken before and after each treatment. By law, Karsky is required to follow all codes by the Health and Safety Board. Clients of permanent make-up have chosen this option for many reasons, including: being active in sports, having problems seeing objects at close range, having allergies to ordinary make-up,  having a busy lifestyle leaving no time to apply make-up daily, not being artistic when applying make-up, or having eyes that tear frequently.  Though permanent make-up has been around for over 20 years, there are few locations offering this service in the state. Mugshots will be the first in this area. Karsky will only be offering her services by appointment only.  Depending on the procedure, the duration and price may vary.

She will be having an open house on September 2 from 3-6 p.m. located at her home, 10493 94 Street (1 mile North and a little over 1 mile West of Langdon), and encourages everyone to come and learn about all the different services she offers.

To schedule your appointment or for any further questions regarding permanent make-up, contact Bonnie Karsky at 701-256-5078.