Langdon City Commission discuss business at recent meeting

The Langdon city commissioners held their meeting this past Monday to a full house and full docket. 


Posted on 9/13/14

The commissioners had a complaint from Diane Reinhardt about the hole at the intersection of 3rd and 12th Avenue. Reinhardt is afraid that during the winter a car will hit the hole and possibly slide into her house. The commissioners all agreed this needs to be taken care of but their concern is with the need to get funding for the project.

The NDDOT denied a request  from the city regarding an approach to be put in on the frontage road where Lance Schill will be putting up a building. The NDDOT denied the request because there are 6 approaches from the highway onto the frontage road already. The commissioners all agreed that they need to figure out a different place for entry onto Schill’s lot, as the trucks hauling in the fill will destroy the frontage road.

The commissioners received notification concerning bids for the drilling of wells. The lowest bid was from Watersmith at $43,804.  The commissioners approved Watersmith’s bid.

The city commissioners spoke with Dave Roy concerning the asphalt that he had laid down in front of his home on Jace Roy Street. The issue is that the asphalt is not up to city code and will not support city street equipment . If equipment is taken onto the asphalt it will more than likely buckle. The issue is going be resolved as Roy is having the asphalt redone, making sure the asphalt is laid to code this time.

Several citizens were present  as a result of reports from previous meetings concerning the Messner house. They were upset with the delays in demolishing the house in question since it has been condemned for 2 years.

Quentin Wenzel stated “We are doing the best we can with what we have”.

Currently the city is waiting on the Regional Environmental Health Practitioner & Public Information Officer report. Depending on what is written in the report, the city may be able to move forward with the property in question.

The Cavalier County JDA made two requests for funding. The first funding request is for $1500.00 which is for the annual support of the Small Business Development Center, who writes the business plans for all of the city loan projects.

The second request is for a $20,000.00 loan to Tatiana Davis for the purchase of Langdon Floral. The commissioners approved both of these funding requests through the economic development fund.

The commissioners held a special meeting after the usual meeting concerning the wages of city employees.

The commissioners voted on raising the compensation for the commissioners from $200 to $250 and for the committee president from $250 to $300. This is the first time in 14 years the commissioners have given themselves a raise.

The city employees will also see a pay increase of $100 across the board. City employees will continue to have 100 percent health insurance coverage.

Truck drivers employed by the city will see a $3 increase from $12 to $15 per hour.

Gary Bimler will be getting an increase for his services of $100.   Bimler will now receive $300 from the city for his services. The Sillers Law Firm is also getting an increase in compensation of $200. The Firm is now getting $1,200 for their services.

In Other Business

• The commissioners received a complaint and pictures from Paul Fetsch about a property that is in very poor condition. The commissioners will be investigate who owns the property and go from there.

• The commissioners heard reports from the Sanitation and the Activity Center.

• Nick Moser was approved to purchase a property currently rented by MDU  the Renaissance Zone. He plans to renovate the building and continue renting to MDU. Approved pending a letter of good standing.

• Personnel Policy Manual committee was selected. One employee from each city department will be on the committee.