Langdon Senior Club brainstorms new ideas for new members

The Langdon Area Senior Club is looking for new members to come in and enjoy activities.

Sr Ctr

Posted on 9/13/14

By Melissa Anderson

The center has been looking into new ideas for activities and lowering the age requirement.

The age requirement is being lowered from the previous 57 to the new age of 50 years old.

The membership is very affordable, with dues costing only $6 annually.

The center is very much in need of new members as membership is down. Currently there are under 90 members enrolled at the center.

The Center is also in need of new officers for the running of the Senior Club. The officers are elected in October.

The Senior Club has been looking into a few ideas for members to partake in.

One such idea is the making of prayer quilts for those who are sick or in the hospital.

The quilts are about the size of full sheet cut in half, making the perfect lap blanket. What makes the prayer quilts different from other types of quilts are the numerous strings placed on the quilt. The idea being that someone who is visiting the individual can pray and tie a knot for each prayer.

The material the quilts are made from  are old sheets that are still in good condition for the backing and scrap fabric for the front. With no set pattern to follow the quilts are good creative outlet.

Another idea that the center has thought of is the offering of creative classes.  If quilting is not for you, maybe you would like a few lessons on knitting, crocheting, embroidering, making lefse, baking, etc.

Members can also make recycled greeting cards, which are than also sold to the community for 50¢. These cards are made on Tuesday afternoons.

The center is also going to be hosting a seasonal rummage and bake sale on Friday, October 10.

Other activities for members to enjoy include Bunco, the dice game, Bingo every Thursday night and every second Sunday of the month, and pinochle on Wednesdays.

The Club is open to any other suggestions for new ideas for activities. They are also open to any donations for the quilt project which is slated to begin on October 20, at 2 p.m. Any old sheets in good condition with no stains will be welcome along with good sized scraps of fabric.

Please contact Adrian Olson with any suggestions or questions you may have at 701-256-3161.