Cavalier County prepares for critical incident

Law enforcement, emergency services, first responders, school staff, and officials from the surrounding area will be busy responding to a simulated incident involving an emergency exercise at the Langdon High School, on September 24, 2014.


Posted on 9/20/14

City, county and regional first responders, law enforcement, school staff, along with other officials will be participating in the event which will be held in the late afternoon followed by a debriefing.  During this time, the high school and its perimeter will have signs to indicate to the public that the exercise is in play.

The simulated emergency event will have two main objectives to test.  The first is to assess the school’s emergency preparedness plan and building security.   A second objective includes assessing the response of local law enforcement, and other emergency services agencies in the area.  The second objective focuses on communication and operational coordination among dispatch, and all law enforcement and first responders.

The exercise is being coordinated by Wenck Associates, Inc. from Mandan.  Wenck Associates is a consulting and engineering firm that offers training programs to assist clients with risk and hazard mitigation and response activities.