Local Racer wins two track championships

Lance Schill has plenty to celebrate this off season as he won two separate track championships in this, his fifth year racing in Midwest Modified class or B-Mods. 

Lance Schill'

Posted on 9/20/14

Schill has always enjoyed going to the races and built his first  race car, which was a pure stock car,  in his shop in 2007 with the help of his friends.  From there he raced at Devils Lake Speedway gradually going up the classes until he reached B-Mods in 2009.

B-Mods or Midwest Modified, are open wheel cars meaning they have no fenders on the front end of the car. This class of race car has a restricted package of engine and suspension rules.

Schill won an outstanding 11 out of 24 races this season.  Three wins came at Devils Lake Speedway,  four wins  at  the Geographical Speedway in Rugby, and five wins at the Thunder Mountain Speedway in Bottineau.

“Part of it was just the experience, getting to be more patient, not tearing up your equipment. Maintenance is also a huge deal. Patience on the race track , if you don’t have patience you can’t win. You have to be consistent, you have to finish the race” Schill said in regards to what it takes to win as often as he has.

The first year that Schill raced in Modifieds, he ran 76 races and won only three.

“There are over 850 cars in WISSOTA sanctions, 700 of them have probably never won”  Schill said.

In order to win a track championship consistency is key. Much like the big leagues of racing, the championship is awarded based on a point system. Those drivers who finish higher consistently stand a better chance of winning the track championship.

“Consistency, patience, and experience are the biggest part of winning these” Schill said.

As with any endeavor having support is crucial to the success of it. Having great sponsors like D & B Motors in Langdon, Envision located in Rugby, Sukup and Meridian, and Forks Mobile Wash were all needed for Schill to be successful.

Schill also gives a large amount of credit to the pit crew and guys helping him with the maintenance, Aaron Restad, Stoney Kruk, and Brady Samuelson. Of course, family is also huge, for Schill having the support of wife Megan and son Dentyn makes everything worthwhile.

Schill wishes to thank all his sponsors, friends, and of course his wife and son. Catch him next season tearing it up at the tracks.