Sillers Law gains new partners

The Sillers Law Firm in Langdon will be gaining a new look with the addition of two new partners joining long time Langdon lawyer Cameron Sillers.


sillers lawPosted on 9/20/14

As of September 1, the law firm is Sillers, Laaveg and Wenzel.

Sillers, who first started practicing law in Langdon in 1975, has two new collegues, Tracy Laaveg and Quentin Wenzel.

Tracy Laaveg graduated from University of North Dakota Law School in 2002. Laaveg has been working with Sillers as an independent contractor for the last few years. She had her own practice in Park River, which will become a new location for Sillers, Laavig, and Wenzel. Currently, Laaveg is the city attorney for Park River.

Quentin Wenzel, who is originally from Langdon, attended the University of North Dakota Law School as well, graduating in 2012. Wenzel gained some  experience with Sillers Law Firm in the summer of 2010. Prior to returning to Langdon and Sillers Law, Wenzel worked at Larson, Latham, and Huettl, LLP in Bismarck.

The new partners are not the only change occurring at the law office of Cameron Sillers. The law firm will also be updating how it operates by incorporating more technology.

“We are more familiar with the new age of practicing law” Wenzel stated.

While all the lawyers at Sillers, Laaveg, and Wenzel are capable of helping their clients, each lawyer has a area of interest they are most invested in.

Laaveg is more familiar with family law and Wenzel is interested in working on more criminal justice cases. Both lawyers are gaining knowledge from Sillers in all areas of law.

“Practice in a rural area is so much more personal and rewarding than practice in a big city because you make those personal connections and are so much more a part of the community.” Laaveg said.

“It does make it that much more rewarding when you have ties with people, they may not be your best friend but you know them or their families, it just makes it that  much more rewarding when you get the result that you want” Wenzel added.

For all three lawyers at Sillers, Laaveg, and Wenzel the new partnership brings new opportunities for each one of them to grow as lawyers at law. Congratulations to Cameron Sillers, Tracy Laaveg, and Quentin Wenzel.