Chamber of Commerce hosts Wine Walk

The sixth Annual Wine About Langdon Wine Walk has a new sponsor this year with the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce taking the reins from the Langdon 125th Committee to carry on with the walk.

Wine Pic

Posted on 9/27/14

By Melissa Anderson

The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 9.

From this event on, only Langdon Chamber of Commerce members will be allowed to be stops on the walk.

For those unfamiliar with a wine walk, the event is geared towards allowing individuals to taste wines that they might not normally try on their own.

“It’s a really unique event that draws people into town, it brings people in from Cavalier, Walhalla, Rock Lake, Lakota and Devils Lake” Barb Mehlhoff, the Executive Director for the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce said.

There won’t be that many noticeable changes this year compared to years past.

“It’s the first year under the Chamber umbrella, and Lori  Peterson and her gang had it down to a science of how things work” Mehlhoff continued.

There will be 24 stops just like last year with a few new stops such as D & B Motors and Thrivent Financial. As with years past, the walk begins at 4:30 p.m. at Stables where participants will present their ticket and ID to receive their passport for the walk.  The walk ends at 9 p.m. at the Eagles Club.

At the end of the night, those that have filled their “passports” are entered into the drawing for one of many door prizes. Participants will also receive a wine glass at the end of the evening.

For those interested in joining the festivities, tickets can be purchased at Langdon City Hall for $20.

“We are excited to take it and continue on with it” Mehlhoff said.

The chamber hopes to have the event be self-sustaining by as early as next year. The hope is to eventually use the event to fundraise for a “Back to School” event for the children of Langdon.

The Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the committee members who helped put the walk together this year.

Thank you to Lori Peterson for advising the committee on how to operate the walk.

Thank you to the businesses who are participating in this year’s wine walk.

A special thank you to the sponsors who donated funds to get the Langdon Wine Walk going this year.