Charlie Olson receives Chamber’s Employee of the Year

The Langdon Chamber of Commerce awarded Charlie Olson the Employee of the Year Award at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet. 

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Posted on 10/4/14

Olson received the award for the work he does at the Cobblestone Inn and Suites.

“Charlie deserves all the reconigition in the world for the hard work he puts into his job” Lacey Klingbeil, the General Manager at Cobblestone Inn and Suites said in her letter of nomination.

Cobblestone Inn and Suites nominated Olson because of his loyalty, dedication, and wonderful personality.

“Cobblestone Inn and Suites would not be the same without him!” Klingbeil said in her letter of nomination.

Klingbeil and the staff of Cobblestone Inn and Suites enjoy having Olson around.

“He is so sweet and on a good day he has a hug for everyone” Klingbeil continued in her letter to the Landgon Area Chamber of Commerce.

The hotel isn’t the only place that Olson works. He also does cleaning at many businesses around Langdon including the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital where he folds towels, cleans and folds towels at Sporty’s, vacuums at FM Mall, and cleans at Witzel Construction.

“He [Olson] enjoys cleaning, [having] everything in a row and put away” Cindy Restad, Olson’s Work Activity Coordinator said.

Restad, who accompanies Olson on his jobs said that he has quite the sense of humor as well.

“He will hide around the corner so you think he is gone so you panic. He likes to play his jokes and really get me going” Restad said.

“He also really loves looking at books, newspapers, and stuff.” Restad continued.

It’s important for Olson to have so many positions as he must be able to support himself.

“He has to work to pay his bills and live in the house he is living in. He has to work to stay here” Restad said.

“If Charlie could, he would say thank you to the town of Langdon so he could live in his hometown, he so happy to be back here” Restad stated.

Congratulations on Employee of the Year, Charlie.