Exercise safely at night with these tips

As the days get shorter and darkness comes on earlier and earlier it is important to remember how to stay safe at night. 


Posted on 10/4/14

By Melissa Anderson

For many of us, the only chance we have to exercise is after work and being able to enjoy the outdoors is an added perk.

What many fitness enthusiasts may not consider is that during the early evening hours it becomes increasingly difficult to spot pedestrians along the highways and roads that lead into town.

The biggest and easiest way to guarantee your safety when  exercising at night on a road is to wear reflective clothing or carry a flashing device so vehicles can see you.

Most manufacturers of shoes and exercise clothing have apparel designed specifically to be seen in the dark but if you are wearing dark clothing, having something that vehicles can see can be imperative to your safety.

A lot of people enjoy listening to music when they work out but that could be very dangerous. If there is an accident or vehicle that loses control outside of your field of vision, you may not hear the impending danger coming towards you before you are able to see it.

By allowing yourself to hear everything around you without distraction, it may just give you enough time to react if something happens.

Another important safety measure when exercising at night is to move against the flow of traffic, so you are aware of oncoming vehicles.

The another safety measure you should take when going for a walk, run, or bike ride at night is  to tell someone when and where you are going, as well as what time you expect to return.  If you have a route you plan taking share that as well and do not alternate once you have left.

Carrying personal identification, such as a license or ID card may not be the biggest thing on your mind as you are walking out the door but if you have a medical condition that EMTs would need to know about in an emergency being able to contact a family member could be critical to your care.

For many people exercising is a way to get away and have time to yourself but it is a good idea to carry a cell phone with you.

At this time of year, when traffic is heavier than usual because of harvest it is important to remember that after a long day the last thing anyone wants is for an accident between a vehicle and pedestrian to occur. Stay safe by using some of these tips.