Cavalier County Farm Bureau shares their side on Measure #5

Among the measures on the upcoming ballet, The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment is asking for North Dakota’s support this November.


Posted on 10/11/14

By Dee Entzi

According to the amendment that is largely funded by out-of-state entities, The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Fund would be used to issue grants to state agencies, tribal governments, local governments, political subdivisions and nonprofit organizations. The grants would then go towards; protecting, improving and maintaining water quality; improving natural flood control; protecting and creating wildlife and fish habitat; conserve or acquire natural areas, parks and other recreational areas for hunting and fishing; and creating more places for children to enjoy the outdoors. If passed, the amendment would commit five percent of North Dakota’s oil extraction tax to a large conservation fund. Based on the predicted oil production rates, the fund is estimated to total up to $4.8 billion over the twenty-five year life of the amendment, and up to $400 million every two years. The amendment is requiring that 75 percent of the fund must be spent on the conservation projects within two years of the allocated funds. This seventy-five percent must be spent regardless of the need. The North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation, an organization of over 30 North Dakota industries, is urging voters to vote no on this amendment.

Cavalier County Farm Bureau President Leon Pederson commented on the issue, “I want everyone to think long and hard before voting on Measure 5. The people who drafted this measure are special interest groups from outside of the state of North Dakota. Their only interest is their interest. So, if you want non-natives of North Dakota to run your state, by all means, vote yes. But if you want to keep North Dakota in the hands of the family farmers, ranchers and business owners that have taken care of and respected our natural resources for a hundred plus years, then vote no. “

The North Dakota Farm Bureau is part of the coalition working against Measure 5. One of their biggest concerns is the future of North Dakota’s farm land. The fund could potentially be used to buy and restrict land that would have otherwise been purchased for agricultural reasons. North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation is asking that voters research this topic before coming to a decision as they strongly believe this measure could greatly impact North Dakota.

Pederson remarked, “Please let North Dakotans take care of the state they love, because they know her and know what’s best for her.”

For more information on Measure 5 visit or call Leon Pederson at 370-0142.