Langdon City Commission halts Southview Annexation

The Langdon City Commissioners held a special meeting to officially annex the Southview addition last Monday.


Posted on 10/18/14

However, Lisa Buchweitz, who lives in the proposed addition brought some questions and concerns to the meeting.

She wanted clarification on what “the conditions of contribution to amenities” meant. She also stated that she is going to be adding on to her lot by about 25 feet from the unplatted area within the annexation area. Andy Downs is helping her with this.

Quentin Wenzel, who was present in Cameron Sillers place, was unable to provide an answer for her.

She then asked why the annexation was occurring at all since she has been paying city taxes since she acquired the property.

The commissioners explained to the individual that the annexation of Southview is due to it never having officially been annexed into city or county records.

Although residents have been paying city taxes and enjoy the amenities of sewer, water and garbage no record exists.

The commissioners decided to postpone the annexation until the matter of her adding onto her property is finished and Cameron Sillers has contacted her to provide her with an answer to her question.