Local resident shares ties to the JFK assassination

Having a student go on to have an important role in society is a teacher’s dream.

Clint Hill and Mom

Posted on 10/18/14

By Melissa Anderson

For Helyne Raile Wiese, having a student not only have an important role in society but be part of a major event in American history is amazing.

Wiese was the third grade teacher to Clint Hill, a secret service agent assigned to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy when her husband, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

Wiese, who taught for 36 years, spent her first few years as a teacher in Washburn, ND. It was there that she met the young Hill who had such a big future ahead of him.

“ He [Hill] was a very likeable, intelligent boy. He had a lot of personality” Wiese said when she remembered back to having him as a student.

“He was so fun to work with cause he was so willing to try anything new. He was very intelligent, I could see why he got a position like that” Wiese continued.

Wiese has fond memories of teaching Hill. One particular story involved May Day and the delivery of a May Basket by Hill to Wieses’ doorstep.

“He had that smile on his face when he put it down and was looking to see if I was around and I was so I ran after him” Wiese said.

“You were supposed to give them a squeeze or a kiss if you catch them, and I did catch him” Wiese continued. She didn’t share which she gave to young Hill.

Wiese was living and teaching in Drayton when the assassination took place.

“My husband came into my  [class]room, and I could tell something important had happened. He said “Do you remember Clint Hill?” I said “yes”.  He said “He was  [involved] in great disturbing news on the radio” Wiese said.

When Kennedy became President, Hill found out he was being assigned to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy he was a little upset.

“It was a shock to him, cause he didn’t want to go to tea parties or shopping. Turned out it was the just the opposite. She had her issues that she dealt with” Wiese said.

Wiese had been hoping to meet with Hill for many years. This year at the Norsk Høstfest, Wiese’s daughter, Karen Boe, was able to take her to meet with her student as a birthday to Weise, she turned 95 this past Monday.

“I was really surprised and anxious to see him. It’s been since 1941, I was 21 years old and he was about eight or nine.  That’s 73 years ago” Wiese said.

When Hill saw Wiese, he said “Oh, there’s my teacher”.  They sat and chatted after the speech he gave to an audience at Høstfest.

Wiese felt that Hill must have spent many years being heartbroken over what happened.

“He thought he should have done more or could have done more and it bothered him a great deal” Wiese said.

Clint Hill has written two books about his experiences as the secret service agent for Jacqueline Kennedy.

The first book he wrote is about his relationship with Jacqueline Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy and Me: an Intimate Memoir. The second book, Five Days in November, recounts the days following the assassination of President Kennedy.