Cavalier County Commissioners take care of business at meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners held lengthy discussions on topics during their meeting. 


Posted on 10/25/14

By Melissa Anderson

Tina Lorenzen, the Director for the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center for Cavalier, Pembina, and Walsh Counties gave the commissioners information on what the center offers and what she and her staff are working on.

Lorenzen informed the commissioners that the center is working on many different things within the counties to help improve the education, prevention, and assistance of victims of domestic violence and assault.

The center is also working with the state and with Border Patrol to control and eliminate the growing problem of human trafficking within the state.

The commissioners discussed the air ambulance service once again. Dawn Roppel, the Cavalier County Auditor, called Valley Med to discuss their services and told commissioners that Valley Med was willing to come and speak with them about their services.

The commissioners discussed the issue and decided that it is not the best use of the counties money to purchase such services.

In Other Business

• The commissioners discussed how they would come up with prices for properties that were coming up for auction.

• The commissioners heard the semi-annual reports from county departments including Weed Control, the Job Development Authority, Emergency Management Services, etc.