Meet your local candidates up for election November 4

The General Election is two weeks away and it’s time to seriously start deciding who you will vote for, if you have not already.


Posted on 10/25/14

The candidates for Cavalier County Commissioner:

Stanley Dick was born and raised in Cavalier County. Along with his wife, Peri, they raised four sons, Jared, Jesse, Jonas, and Jaxon on the family farm outside of Munich.

Dick has farmed for 35 years and coached all levels of boys basketball for 16 years. He has been the Henderson Township Assessor  for 30 years and is a member of the Munich Commercial Club, of which he was treasurer for six years.  He has also been on the board and taught at his local church.

“I was encouraged to run for County Commissioner by both the Langdon and Munich communities. I am an outgoing people person and have dealt with many difficult situations. I try to see the big picture, listen to all sides and then work towards a solution” Dick stated.

If Dick is elected, his top concern would be the maintenance and improvement of Cavalier Counties infrastructure.

“As farming moves forward with wider machinery, bigger and faster trucks, large crops and above normal moisture, our county roads have to support this increased traffic.” Dick said.

“I don’t believe we need to raise taxes but instead lobby for some of the billion dollar surplus our state enjoys” Dick continued.

The north east region of commissioners is working towards addressing this concern and Dick is willing to lobby the state for money to tackle this growing problem in our area.

“If elected, I look forward to learning all about our county issues and working with other elected officials to address them” Dick stated.

Elsie Magnus is an incumbent candidate for commissioner. She was born and raised in Pembina County to farming parents and has been married to R. Bruce Magnus, a life-long farmer in Cavalier County for 40 years.

She is a board member for Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services and the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center.

Magnus, who is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church, is also the chair for the Episcopal Foundation for Ministry in Higher Education in North Dakota and serves as the secretary of the Walhalla Ministerial Association.

Magnus has also received certification from the Institute of Local Government, the Professional Development Program of the North Dakota Association of Counties.

“I am a strong candidate and have served Cavalier County well in my first term as a commissioner. I have been an advocate for and have a good working relationship with Cavalier County employees” Magnus stated.

“I am open to discussions pertaining to county government and commission direction and action. I will continue to do my best to uphold the duties of my office and represent Cavalier County constituents” Magnus continued.

Magnus also stressed her involvement with the County Road 55 project through the Pembina gorge.  She has been on the state resolutions committee representing the NE nine counties writing proposals and speaking to amendments which were adopted at the state level.

“One of my concerns on a local level is to have all our employees on an equitable pay scale. Another concern is the preservation of our county roads, both paved and graveled, with better monitoring of speed and weight” Magnus stated.

Magnus also stresses the importance of not only the commissioners but the citizens of Cavalier County communicating with state legislators.

“Our legislators must listen to our needs, not deciding what we need and expecting us to do their bidding. North Dakota is in a good position economically, so when the state tells us we should do something different, there should also be appropriations to pay for the changes” Magnus stated.

Nick Moser grew up in Langdon and currently lives there with his wife, Andrea, and two boys, Rudy and Ryder. Moser currently is employed at Montana Dakota Utilities Company as the District Representative.

Moser is a member of the Cavalier Search and Rescue and has special training in auto extrication and is a qualified first responder. He is also a member of the Langdon Volunteer Fire Department and is currently a training officer for the department.  Moser completed the North Dakota Fireman’s Association Instructor class which allows him to now be able to train local departments throughout Cavalier County.

Moser also holds a board position at the Langdon Eagles Club and assists with local youth hockey, football, and baseball programs.

“I am running  for county commissioner because good government cares for those in our community and for what our community really needs to operate as a whole” Moser stated.

“I have focused a lot on what our community needs and that is someone who will be strong, transparent, and inclusive; someone who will be a fair leader who can cut through the bureaucracies and red tape and deliver to our community” Moser continued.

Moser has lots of improvements he would like to tackle in Cavalier county.

“There are several things in our county I would like to make improvements upon and I would like to begin with respect and equality towards our county employees. Making sure the employees of the county are properly awarded a fair and honest contract with openness to discuss a contract in a fair and impartial manner” Moser stated.

“Another item I would like to address would be infrastructure. I plan to do my best in exploring options for additional funding to improve our roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, and railways” Moser continued.

If elected, Moser would like to challenge each of his fellow commissioners to “think outside the box, look for a solution where no other has, then have the resourcefulness to follow our written guidelines without interruption or outside influence”.

Shauna Schneider is originally from Wales and along with husband, Mark, are fourth generation farmers. They have three children, McKenzie, Brooke, and Cole Darling.

Schneider has served on the North Dakota Weed Control Association Education Committee where she was the chair for three consecutive terms and also was on the board for the Langdon Figure Skating Club. Schneider and her family are members of the United Lutheran Church in Langdon.

“I am running for Cavalier County Commissioner because I feel that I am a great fit for the board with my education, knowledge, and experience” Schneider stated.

“I am committed to Cavalier County and I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions to get to the bottom of an issue. I have been regularly attending our commission meetings which has prepared me well to step right in and begin to work hard for you” Schneider continued.

The issues that Schneider wants to improve for the county include state funding, county and township funding as well as  “our over hived county of bees”.

“The counties are bound by state law on how much they can spend in certain areas such as roads. This amount needs to increase as the cost over the years has done nothing but increase, putting not just our county in a bind on projects, but other counties as well” Schneider explained.

“I’ve been talking with Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring about this [bee] issue.  We have many illegal hives in the county, hives are being placed in areas that put our residents in harms way, hives aren’t being cared for with making sure they have fresh water available for their hives or getting the hives out of here after everything is done flowering, and last but not least, we are over hived” Schneider stated.

According to Schneider, she has been asked by Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring to speak  to the state legislature about the concerns and issues residents of Cavalier County have with bees.

“The legislature is working on bee laws and reform, so if you want to make a difference, please come and speak up. The hearings will be in January” Schneider said.

William Thom was born and raised in Cavalier County and attended school in Langdon.  He has worked at Down’s Inc. for more than 30 years and has been involved in the farming profession for over 50 years. Thom, along with wife, Jackie, have raised two children and enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren.

“I am  running for commissioner because I believe that I can make a difference in our community. I have lived in this area my whole life, and now, as I am semi-retired, I have the time and energy to devote to being a commissioner who is involved in the community” Thom stated.

Thom has three main issues he wants to address if elected to county commissioner.

“Our seniors are an important part of our community. As a commissioner, I would want to see what I could do to improve their quality of life” Thom stated.

“Emergency services should also be a high priority to our county. Proper training and funding of emergency services in our area is imperative for the safety and future of out community” Thom stated.

“The safety of all citizens also depends on how well maintained roads in our rural county are” Thom continued, “ If elected, I would work with my fellow commissioners to improve and sustain these roads. The roads in our area need to withstand the heavy traffic of farm equipment and semis traveling on them daily”.

Tom Valentine was raised in Cavalier County and graduated from Langdon High School and NDSU. After spending nine years in Forest City, Iowa, for Winnebago Industry maintenance department he and wife, Marie, purchased a farm and returned to the Wales area to raise their family.

The family was active in 4-H with Valentine as a leader and his children, Anita, Ernie, Jolene, Judd, Daniel, Donald and Theresa, as members totaling over 100 years combined.

“I am running for Cavalier County Commission to give the people of Cavalier County a choice” Valentine stated.

Valentine has a clear and concise outlook on being a county commissioner.

“If elected my main focus will be to keep the people of the County informed, as to the public meetings and what goes on at them, deadline dates and what has to be done by that date, if you have a question, get the answer, and if you disagree, what is your next avenue to resolve the issue” Valentine stated.

There are only two candidates up for the position of Cavalier County Auditor.

Lisa Gellner is a life long resident of Cavalier County. She and husband, Darren, lived and farm in Perry Township where they are raising their three children.

Gellner currently works as the Deputy Auditor for Cavalier County, a position she has held for the past 12 years.

Gellner currently serves as the financial secretary on the church counsel at the United Lutheran Church in Langdon. She has also served two terms on the education committee at United Lutheran Church. She is the clerk for Perry Township and served for over 10 years on the Langdon Figure Skating Club board.

“My experience as Deputy County Auditor would be beneficial to the County Auditor position. Given the opportunity, I will continue to work hard for the citizens and taxpayers of Cavalier County as the Cavalier County Auditor” Gellner stated.

If elected, Gellner’s goal would be to keep the Auditor’s office running smoothly and efficiently, while continuing to assist the citizens of Cavalier County.

Stephanie Nelson is a life long resident of Cavalier County. Nelson and husband, Benjamin have three children. Nelson has worked at Choice Financial  for the past 10 years doing accounting work. Nelson has been on the Cavalier County Housing Authority Board for the past eight years.

“I was a write-in vote in the June primary election [because] voters believed that I would be a good fit for Cavalier County Auditor. I’m running to give the voters of Cavalier County a choice and bring fresh ideas” Nelson stated.

“Vote for me because I’m dedicated to everything that is set before me. I’m here to serve the citizens of Cavalier County and you will always be greeted by a smiling face” Nelson continued.

Nelson doesn’t feel that any change or improvements can be made to the Auditor position.

“I feel the current Auditor is doing a great job for Cavalier County and I would not change anything at this time, unless the state demanded it or laws changed” Nelson stated.