Dakota Spirit Arena adds a much needed dehumidifier to facility

The Dakota Spirit Arena has had a major update to its facility that patrons may not see but will definitely feel.


Posted on 12/6/14

By Melissa Anderson

The arena was able to install a dehumidifier courtesy of 19 local businesses and individuals who helped fund the $30,000 project.

“We can see the effects of not having a dehumidifier in the building” Jason Ramberg, President of the Langdon Hockey Boosters said.

Ramberg explained that prior to the dehumidifier being installed the Dakota Spirit Arena was definitely showing signs of wear from the high humidity.

“The paint on beams was flaking. It was already painted once and it took 350 gallons of paint. If it had to be painted again it would have taken more [paint] than that” Ramberg stated.

The dehumidifier was needed as it will prevent too much moisture from condensing on the ceiling, beams, glass, and will prevent molding on the structure in general.  Ramberg stated that he has been to many rinks where rust has built up on the ceiling beams and has fallen to the ice below.

“This will add many more years to the hockey arena” Ramberg said.

The addition of the dehumidifier has an added bonus of allowing the arena to no longer be dependent on the weather.

“We can turn on the dehumidifier two to three weeks in advance and we can make ice whenever” Ramberg said.

The added bonus is one of safety. Now that there is a dehumidifier running, the build up of frost on the ceiling beams will be minimal which will reduce the risk of large chunks of frost falling on the ice.

Another update that is going in this week is one patrons will definitely see, a handicap elevator to the upstairs seating area.

“Now anyone who would like to go upstairs to watch the games or events can now go up there” Ramberg said.

This improvement was also funded by donations from the public.