Langdon Daycare Center expands facility

The Langdon Daycare Center has answered the call of parents seeking daycare providers. 


Posted on 12/6/14

The center has expanded its facility so that they can take in more children. The facility can now accommodate 70 children.

“There was a need for child care in the community and we looked around in here to see if we had any room in here. We took out a room that had been used for storage and remodeled it” Jackie Thom, the Director for the Langdon Daycare Center said.

The new room was created for mobile infants and accommodate eight more children into the facility.

Funding for the project was received from the Langdon Eagles Club Aerie #3454.

The expansion of the facility and need of the community for more daycare providers, the Langdon Daycare Center now has hired on more staff to fulfill those requirements.

“We needed three more daytime staff and a high schooler” Thom stated.

The center was able to find two day time staff members and a high schooler. Thom is hopeful to have the needed third staff member by the end of December.

Currently, the Langdon Daycare Center cares for 78 children, with some children part-time sharing slots.

The center is full and does have a waiting list with seven on the list already despite the expansion.

“The hard part is finding the staff. We can finagle more room for children, but good staff that are qualified is tough to find” Thom stated.

For more information please contact the Langdon Daycare Center at 701-256-3121.