Langdon Area School Board Meeting continues long range planning

The Langdon Area School (LAS) Board continued discussing their Long Range Plan at their last meeting. 


Posted on 12/13/14

The board members continued their discussion on their options for the future with the possibility of combining the two schools as the main topic of discussion.

The board was in agreement that they cannot move forward with asking the public for approval unless they themselves as a board are in complete agreement about how to approach the proposed project.

LAS Superintendent Rick Rogers presented the board with the survey that was used in 2009 to gage the public opinion on the possibility of combining the schools under one roof. At that time, there was not enough support to move forward beyond that stage.

Rogers requested that the board members begin to think about what they would like to be on the survey, how much information would be given, and how best to get the survey to not only the parents of students but also to the public at large.

The board discussed at length  how best to approach the dispersal of the survey and the wording and information that is to be on the survey.

The board members were  in agreement that the biggest question beyond cost that they would face with this proposed project is what would be done with the old elementary school?

The board has two options in regards to this question, that they know of, to deal with the old elementary school. One is selling the building and the other is having it demolished.

If the board does move forward, the expansion must be completed in a feasible way to make it a 50 year plan, where there will be room for students who may be coming in from other schools that are forced to close.

The board was very adamant that the initial survey being sent out would be only for moving forward to the next stage of determining total cost and planning for the expansion.

“Saying ‘yes’ on the survey doesn’t mean that we have the go ahead to spend millions of dollars” Warren Jonasson, President of the LAS Board said.

The expansion project would require a public vote of at least 60 percent in order for the project to be undertaken in earnest.

The board agreed that this project will most likely only take place if the younger generations were to make the effort to vote on this issue.

The survey will be executed before the next parent/teacher conference.

In Other Business

•Rogers made the board members aware of the proposed budget presented by Govenor Jack Dalrymple to the North Dakota Legislature. The proposed budget has two points that would affect the education system.

• The school calendar for next year has been presented.

•The LAS Student Council will be attending the state Student Council convention in Bismarck next week, 19 students will be going.