Cavalier County Commissioners make appointments at meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners made four appointments to three separate commissions during their recent meeting. 


Posted on 12/20/14

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners interviewed four candidates for the two positions open on the Social Welfare Commission.

The candidates were Ted Dahl, Jerome Dosmann, Richard Flanders, and Shauna Schneider.

During the interview, the main question the commissioners had for the candidates was their ability to attend meetings not only at the county level, but at the state level as well. The other question the commissioners were concerned with was the candidates experience.

The commissioners appointed Richard Flanders and Ted Dahl to the Social Welfare Board. Both have previously served on the board for a number of years.

The commissioners also interviewed two candidates for the Cavalier County Water Board position that was open.

The two applicants were Larry Gellner, who currently chairs the board and has over 20 years of experience on the board, and Kenneth Olafson, who has been a State Legislator and had a business in Salt Lake City, Utah dealing with hydrology for over 30 years.

The commissioners noted that these two candidates were both highly qualified individuals for the position. Concerns were raised over Olafson’s absence from the Cavalier County area and his family still having a  hydrology business may create conflict of interests. Larry Gellner was unanimously reappointed to his position on the Cavalier County Water Board.

Mark Schneider was the only applicant to apply for the open position on the Cavalier County Soil Committee. Schneider, who also serves on the Cavalier County Weed Committee, was unanimously elected.

The commissioners met with Lynnette Flage, who is the outgoing District Director for the North Eastern part of the state for NDSU Extension Services.

Flage informed the commission of that Mike Hanson will be the interim director until a permanent director is hired by NDSU to fulfill the NE director’s duties.

Flage informed the commission of the process that will occur to hire a new NDSU extension agent for Cavalier County.  The preferred requirements for applicants is that they have a bachelor’s degree in a Agricultural related field.

The committee that will hire the new extension agent will be composed of a local producer, 4-H parent and a member of the Cavalier County Commission.  Tom Borgen and Elsie Magnus both volunteered to be on the committee.

The screening committee will narrow down the field of applicants for the hiring committee by January 9, and NDSU Extension would like to have the position filled by the end of January 2015.

While Flage was at the meeting, she also requested that Maxine Lukach, who will be handling Extension business until the new agent is hired, be given full time status. The commissioners agreed that with her work ethic and history that she be granted the status and the motion was approved.

In Other Business

•Tim Satler of RDO in Grand Forks was present to discuss the recurring problems a certain piece of machinery owned by Cavalier County has been having.

• Terry Johnston will be finalizing locations for traffic counters to be provided by the NDDOT in the spring. A few of the proposed locations are the Osnabrock road, both ends of the road by Wales, and the Hampden road.

• Dennis Luhmann was present and raised concerns he had about the fairness of the equalization process for taxation purposes. The commission informed Luhmann that this was a township issue that would be brought to the attention of assessors at the next equalization meeting in April. Luhman requested correspondence for an explanation after the meeting.

• The commissioners renewed liquor licenses for Hank’s Corner, Grandpa’s Cabin, and Frost Fire.

• The commissioners met with  State’s Attorney Scott Stewart to discuss the commissioners health insurance policies.