Spotlight on business: Mostad Insurance hires new employee

Mostad Insurance located in Langdon has a new insurance agent as of December 1. 

Mostad Insurance

Posted on 12/20/14

By Melissa Anderson

Ryan Bachman has joined the Mostad team as an insurance agent. He will be completing his training and licensing by the end of December.

“He will be doing some customer service and selling and servicing policies as well. Mostly home, auto, we will work him into the crop and hail, he will do life insurance, pretty much a little bit of everything” Jeff Mostad announced.

Bachman is up to the challenge of helping people with their insurance needs.

“I’m excited to work here, it’s a huge change from what I was doing but it’s a good change.”

Bachman formerly worked at Simmons Broadcasting as a radio announcer. He will continue to work as the sports announcer for local sporting events.

Bachman knows he can help serve the customers of Mostad Insurance, since he has lived in the Langdon community for most of his life.

“Insurance is mostly relationships, they know Ryan, they feel comfortable with Ryan, they like Ryan I think that’s going to be a big help” Mostad added.

Bachman will be learning how the insurance business works for the next few months but is very much looking forward to serving customers.

“In the future, when I feel comfortable in that I’m giving people the best insurance policy, it will be me knowing what I’m doing and treating people how I would want to be treated and making sure they have the best service and are covered in case something happens”

Other happenings at the Mostad Insurance agency is the addition of Secura, a farm package company. It covers the outbuildings, equipment, etc.

Jeff Mostad has also started the process of taking over the Mostad Insurance Agency from his father, Danny Mostad.

To contact Mostad Insurance in Langdon at 256-2253.