2014 Year in Review: January-March

Here is the first of four reviews of the top news stories from 2014.


Posted on 12/27/14

By Melissa Anderson

• The City of Langdon kicked off the new year by raising the starting salary of new city employees to $42,037 a year minimum with benefits, unless the employee was hired on an hourly wage basis.

The Langdon City Commissioners also raised the salaries of current employees and department heads that fell below the new starting salary wages.

The commissioners created a no smoking ordinance for Boyd Block and the city pond locations in the interest of public health.

The city and the NDDOT attempted to come together to work on a road project paving 4th Street to Highway 5. The initial agreement had the city paying only 10 percent of the costs in agreements made in early February which amounted to about $66,000 but by late March the costs had skyrocketed to twice their quoted amount to roughly $118,000.

Jon Finnson retired after 42 years working for the City of Langdon and the water department.

• North Valley and Langdon Rural Water Districts merged into a new water system called Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD).

• During January of 2014, the Cavalier County Commission created a policy concerning the closing of the Cavalier County Courthouse due to inclement weather. The also elected Van Howatt to the Cavalier County Water Board.

The county commission approved a request for the establishment of the Wales Rural Fire Department in Minto Township.

During the budget process, the county commissioners instructed  department heads to take five percent off their budgets.

• The Northern Lights Art Council held a Sundogs and Sunflowers art exhibit of books at the Maple Manor Care Center. The exhibit and book featured folk art and folklore of North Dakota.

The Langdon City Commission approved a waiver for the Northern Lights Art Council to have free rent during the summer for their concert series.

• The first annual Beer and Bacon Bash was held January 30. The event was created for men in an attempt to mirror the Wine Walk, an event that caters mostly to women.

• Several changes occurred in the business sector during January through March. Universal Parts of Langdon was sold to Bill Roy of Christie Motors and became a part of the new CARQUEST Auto Parts store in the dealership.

Tom’s Lounge in Langdon was sold to Jess and Christa Johnson, who also own Sporty’s Bar. In addition to buying Tom’s Lounge, the Johnson’s also created a shuttle service for patrons of their bars to use to safely get to and from the bars after a fun filled night.

Crockett Realty Services opened its doors, after real estate agent Susan Fay Crockett received her broker’s license.

• The American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Langdon held their kick-off party on January 27. The party had a significant decrease in registration fees for teams, the normal fee of $100 was lowered to $50 for the event.

• The Langdon Area Elementary School hosted an Artist-in-Residence for one week last February. Guillermo “Memo” Guardia, a native of Lima, Peru came to the elementary school from the North Dakota Museum of Arts in Grand Forks. He taught the students how to work with and create ceramics.

In February, the LAES held their own version of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Students in kindergarten through 6th grade were divided into 15 teams; which then spent a week competing in nine different events.

• North Dakota was selected as one of six testing sites by the Federal Aviation Administration for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

ND was selected for the project because of the history the University of North Dakota has with aerospace, the unencumbered skies that have very little airspace congestion, and finally the variance in temperatures creates a unique atmosphere where UAS can be tested under many different kinds of weather conditions.

• The Cavalier County Library had major improvements in the early spring. New shelving, furniture, and upgrading technology were the main items.

• Kayla Dease of Munich spent her spring break on a Pay it Forward tour with the University of Mary. She and several classmates from the university traveled across nine states making a huge difference in peoples lives.

• Tom Perius was inducted into the North Dakota Officials Association Hall of Fame. He was the 129th member and earned his place officiating baseball and basketball games.

• The Big Pembina Lutheran Church burned down on January 17. The congregation has plans to rebuild in the same location. The new church will be smaller than its predecessor but will have amenities such as rest rooms and running water.

• The North Dakota State Barley Show continued despite inhospitable weather and presenters being unable to attend because of the weather. Those presentations that were able to be given centered around the future of barley as well as current trends.

• Dee Entzi joined the Cavalier County Republican as a feature story writer.