Power outages wreaking havoc in Cavalier County

Residents in Cavalier County had an unwelcome surprise last week when their power went out.


Posted on 12/27/14

By Melissa Anderson

Those who have electricity with Cavalier Rural Electric were the hardest hit.

“We estimate that 2/3 of our system was off early Sunday morning beginning at 3 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday night, the southern half went off about 12:30 p.m.” Kerry Mikkelsen, Line Superintendent for Cavalier Rural Electric said.

The situation got progressively worse as the day wore on. At the time of the interview, Mikkelsen stated that 25 poles had broken and well over 100 lines had snapped.

“Most of the problems have been caused by wires wrapping around each other as the frost drops off” Mikkelsen stated.

To help cope with the situation a total of 15 linemen crews from five different cities came to assist the crews of Cavalier Rural Electric.  Two crews came from Hallock, Minn., three crews from NoDak Electric from Finley, Cavalier and Devils Lake, and 10 crews from MinKota Electric in Grand Forks helped repair and get power back on for many homes.

“A big shout out to those guys” Mikkelsen said.

Those who have power from Ottertail power were not as hard hit as those with Cavalier Rural Electric.

“Ottertail power company had a few little short things, we were able to get ice off the lines, nothing really prolonged” Chris Oehler, the Vice President of Public Relations at Ottertail Power Company stated.

The companies would like to remind the public that if you see a pole down to report it to a power company. Do not go near or touch downed power lines.