Maple Manor Care Center facing staff shortage in all areas

Maple Manor Care Center in Langdon is facing a widespread shortage in their staff department. 


Posted on 1/3/15

By Melissa Anderson

“We just have spots available for many many different areas.

Currently we are looking for housekeeping, laundry, dietary, nursing, and CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants). The highest one has been in CNAS” Connie Hakanson, the Administrator at Maple Manor said.

Maple Manor currently contracts about 50 percent of their vacant CNA spots to cover those openings in their schedule. Hakanson stated that Maple Manor works with an agency located in Bismarck.

“We give them a schedule of what we need and they send in CNAS to fill those shifts. It’s very expensive to have contract staff” Hakanson stated.

Maple Manor puts the contracted CNA’s through a rigorous process to detemine if they would be a good fit there before being accepted to come and work at the care center.  The 900 CNA’s that the agency staffs come from all over the United States.

Hakanson explained that while the care center does not pay for the contracted staff’s benefits, the cost to get them to Langdon is benefits plus.

“This affects every facet of Maple Manor. It affects what we can even do at the facility because of the money that goes to that contract staff” Hakanson stated.

Maple Manor is not the only care center encountering this shortage of CNA’s. A quick job search on yields almost 150 available CNA positions that need to be filled all across the state.

“Talking to other administrators, it’s a problem all the way across the state. Its not just here its everywhere”  Hakanson confirmed.

To try and entice potential CNA candidates to join the Maple Manor staff, Hakanson explained that the care center offers great incentives.

“We will train them and have them do clinicals here, which is paid for by Maple Manor including the test and mileage to the test site” Hakanson stated.

The cost to do this is about $2.00 per training of a CNA candidate. A lot of the times this offer is not enough to attract candidates. After the 90 day trial period the new CNA earns salary of $13.50 an hour including benefits. The benefits package equates to about $7 per hour.  The benefits package includes health, dental, vision, and a 401k flex plan.

For a comparison between the pay and benefits at Maple Manor to the national median average in 2012 shows how far Maple Manor is going to get great staff. The median average in 2012 for CNA pay was $24,400 per year or roughly $11.73 per hour

Hakanson stated that while the care center has received inquiry calls, the fact that candidates would need to relocate to Langdon where housing is limited and job options for spouses are equally sparse making the CNA position just not enough of an enticement to bring new personnel in.

Being a certified nursing assistant can be tough, physical work so finding the right people to hire and spend money on to get them trained is a big part of the hiring process.

“It’s so important that you have enough staff and the right staff. The residence are here because they need assistance” Hakanson stated.

For more information concerning the Certified Nursing Assistant positions please call Maple Manor Care Center at  701-256-2987.