Spotlight on Business: Christmas Cheer

The Cavalier County Social Services has a lot to be thankful for following the Christmas season. 


Posted on 1/3/15

By Melissa Anderson

The Christmas Cheer program was a great success this year as a result of the amazing support of that was received from the community, local businesses, and organizations. This is the 10th year the Christmas Cheer Program has been in existence.

“When we started the program in 2004 we were not sure if it would be a success, but the citizens of Cavalier County have been very supportive and continue to support the program year after year” Holly Fetsch of Cavalier County Social Services said.

The Christmas Cheer Program began in 2004 with the idea of having a program that would allow parents to purchase gifts for their children based on what they know their child wants/needs.In the past ten years Cavalier County Social Services has been able to help families who live in Cavalier County to purchase Christmas gifts for their children during times when they may not have been able to do so without this program.

In 2014, the parents of over 65 children in the county had the opportunity to shop for gifts for their children because of the generosity of residents of Cavalier County.

Cavalier County Social Services sincerely thanks everyone for their kindness and continued help with this annual project.