Cavalier County Commissioners hold short meeting on Jan. 6

The Cavalier County Commissioners had a very short agenda at their recent meeting.


Posted on 1/10/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners met with Cassie Bernier, the new Executive Director for the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center of Walsh, Pembina and Cavalier Counties.

Bernier met with the commissioners to request the use of office space in the Cavalier County Ambulance Bay,which is housed in a building owned by Cavalier County. The Domestic Violence and Abuse Center recently lost their office at Cavalier County Memorial Hospital.

Bernier explained to the commissioners that the office would  only be used on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays by the one part-time advocate currently employed by the organization.

The proposed space would only be used on Thursdays and Fridays if anything should happen requiring the advocate from Pembina to come to Langdon.

The commissioners raised a few concerns with Bernier concerning the security of the building since it does house Emergency Service Vehicles and the potential fumes those diesel vehicles produce affecting the advocate and any individuals who may be getting a consultation.

Bernier addressed this concerns by explaining that the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center advocate usually meets with individuals during an appointed time and that there are seldom any walk-ins.

Bernier continued by stating that she had already discussed the move to the Ambulance Bay with the Sheriffs Department. The dispatcher would inform the Emergency Services personnel to be aware that the advocate was present at the premises.

A suggested sign indicating the presence of the advocate on the door was also recommended by the commissioners.

Bernier stated that the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center has some available funds to make updates to the office space. Cosmetic updates such as privacy blinds and paint could would not be an issue.

The commissioners suggested further improvements a new door for the office space to better seal it from the potential exhaust fumes from the ambulances, a carbon monoxide detector, and ventilation system to make the office space safer.

The commission voted to approve the request and allowed the Domestic Violence and Abuse Center to use the office space. The commission will meet with Bernier in three months to see how the space is working for the organization.

In Other Business
• The commission held a tax sale on the Herrud Building. It had a minimum bid of $7,000. The property was sold for  $15,100 to Dan Crockett  on behalf of Barb Crockett.
• The commission discussed the health insurance mandate that was revoked last year by the commission. The sentence concerning the revocation was voted on to be deleted from the handbook as it was in direct contradiction to State statues.