Opening of Langdon’s General Store is a family affair

With the closing of ALCO imminent there is going to be a large void left behind for consumers in the Langdon Area.

Chaputs store

Posted on 1/17/15

By Melissa Anderson

Don’t fret, the Boyd Block building, formerly the Keepsakes Building, will be home to a new store. The Chaputs, along with the Macks, are expanding their business portfolio and opening a general store.

“We wanted to fill the void for the community that Langdon would experience with ALCO closing” Vanessa Chaput stated.

Vanessa and Alex Chaput had been talking about possibly opening a store before the announcement that ALCO would be closing.

From there they put the opening process into high gear.

“We got in contact with a wholesaler and have been working on the details since” Chaput stated.

The Chaputs thought of Marie Mack, Alex’s sister, for the General Manager position as she had 12 years of prior retail management experience.

Once the Chaput’s had Mack, and her husband, Bill Mack, committed to the position and partnership the next step was the supplier for merchandise. When they had their wholesaler they knew their idea for a store could really happen.

Both Marie and Bill Mack are originally from Langdon. They had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come back to Langdon when Alex and Vanessa called with the idea for the general store.

“We have always wanted to get back but we never had the opportunity to” Marie Mack said.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to own and operate a store” Mack added.

The partners are naming their new business ‘Langdon’s General Store’.

“We chose this name because we want the community and our customers to know that this is their store” the partners stated.

Customers will be able to buy a variety of items at the new business. The store will carry toys, housewares, cleaning supplies, personal necessities, pet supplies, snacks etc. Specialty and seasonal items will also be available at the store.

“We would like to have specialty items. That is something we would to focus on once we are open. Have community events and have things made locally” Chaput said.

If people have things that they want us to showcase for them, we want to be able to do that” Mack added.

What will set Langdon’s General Store apart from ALCO will be the accessibility of the owners and really being open to the suggestions and needs of the community that the store serves.

“That’s the big thing about not being corporate. We can make these decisions and fill that need for what the town needs” Chaput stated.

“We really want this to be Langdon’s store so if the community doesn’t see something they would like us to carry we will try our best to bring it to the store” Chaput continued.

Langdon’s General Store will do everything it can to provide products that the future customers want and need. The way the Chaputs plan on fulfilling this desire is by having as much input from the community prior to and so long as the Langdon’s General Store is open.

The partners are very excited to be opening this store and are eager for opening day when they will be able to celebrate with friends, family, and the community of Langdon.

The partners are quick to clarify that while they are community orientated and want to supply as much product as their customers demand they will not be competing with other area businesses.

“This will be great for the elderly and those that don’t leave  Langdon or Cavalier County per se” Alex Chaput stated.

“Hopefully for people who do leave town this will encourage them to stay or shop locally” Vanessa Chaput added.

The store floor isn’t the only aspect of Boyd Block getting a make over. The apartments on the upper level, nine in total, will also be getting a renovation. Three of the apartments are currently taken but the other six will soon be available to prospective tenants.

Bill Mack will be a busy guy over the next few months as he  and Alex Chaput tackle those updates to the apartments.

While there is no set opening date at this time, the partners are hoping to have their first shipment of merchandise on store shelves ready for customers sometime at the end of January or early February.

To let Langdon’s General Store know what you would like to see in the store, you can give your responses by calling, texting, emailing or on Facebook. Marie Mack-Owner/General Manager: 218-779-7267.

You can find Langdon’s Genderal Store on Facebook at Leave a comment or send a message on what you would like to see in the store.

Store hours: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. They will also be offering a Senior Citizen Discount of 5 percent off (no exclusions) every Monday.