Spotlight on Business: Stremick joins Farmers Union Insurance

Farmers Union Insurance has a new face in its office this past week with the addition of Russel Stremick.

Russ Stremick

Posted on 1/17/15

By Melissa Anderson

Stremick started his position at the agency the first of January.

Stremick, who is originally from Langdon, moved back to the area after three years living in Omaha, Neb. working as the Area Retail Sales Manager for AT&T. Stremick and wife, Karen, along with son Maddox are excited to be back.

“I lived in ND my whole life until the last three years” Stremick said.

This is Stremick’s first position as an insurance agent but don’t let that throw you. Stremick is confident he will be able to help customers once he has learned the ropes from his co-workers.

“I looked at who I would be working for and this agency is great. I look forward the next couple months learning from Kenny and Wanda,” Stremick stated.

“I think the biggest part with insurance in a small town like Langdon, its a lot about relationships and for me its finding out how we can differentiate our insurance compared to our competitors and that’s what I want to learn more of. In insurance it’s taking care of your customers and I look forward to learning it” Stremick added.

Farmers Union Insurance offers most insurances, from home and auto to the all important crop insurance along with the insurances that farmers and ranchers need that are so important to farming communiteis such as Langdon.

“The insurance I want to get into is crop insurance” Stremick said but added that he would be familiar with all types of insurance for his customers.

One thing that Stremick is no stranger to is being available to those who need him. With his previous position having so much responsibility, Stremick explained that getting phone calls for business does not phase him one bit.

“I’m available day or night, I can always be contacted” Stremick stated.

The office hours for Farmers Union Insurance are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To reach Farmers Union Insurance to discuss your insurance needs give them a call at 701-256-5142.