The Cavalier County Library in Langdon will be hosting a special art exhibit over the next week.


Posted on 1/24/15

Fractured: North Dakota’s Oil Boom is a documentary art exhibit on the oil boom that is currently in full swing in the Williston Basin.

The Field Museum located in Chicago, Illinois sponsored the work of nationally acclaimed photographer Terry Evans and award-winning journalist Elizabeth Farnsworth as they explored and documented the vast changes to the North Dakota landscape and communities caused by the oil boom.

“The exhibition features their photographs and writings as well as high-resolution scans of prairie specimens from the Museum’s own collections” the Field Museum stated in a press release.

The only towns hosting this exhibit in North Dakota are Grand Forks, Ellendale, Bismarck and of course Langdon.

“We are excited to sponsor the exhibit in Langdon because we’re so far removed from the activity in the Baaken. The exhibit presents different viewpoints and invites viewers to form their own opinions.” Carol Hart of the Northern Lights Art Council said.

“We are fortunate to have a good relationship with the North Dakota Museum of Art. This is the seventh exhibit they have brought to Langdon since 2007” Hart continued.

The exhibit highlights that the increasing oil production brings vast prosperity to some, but also incredible heartbreak to others whose lands are damaged by the fracking process.  The exhibit also notes the thousands of people who are pouring into the state of North Dakota in search of employment as well as the prairies increasing fragmentation by wells, pipelines, and other oil operations.

Ryan Taylor, an active and long-time North Dakota political figure will be speaking about the oil industry of North Dakota at the exhibit on February 2 at 7 p.m.

Taylor, who was named a leadership fellow of the Bush Foundation in 2013, chose to study the oil development policies and practices of Norway as a Bush Fellow. Taylor had a particular interest in the pioneering ‘ten commandments of oil development’ passed by Norway’s parliament in 1971.

Most recently, Taylor was one of just 100 invited to participate in “America’s Unconventional Energy Opportunity: A Win-Win Plan for the Economy, the Economy, and a Lower-Carbon, Cleaner-Energy Future,” held at Harvard Business School. The private, by-invitation only meeting, brought together leaders from the business, environmental, public policy, and academic communities to discuss a strategy for the United States to move ahead in developing the nation’s unconventional energy resources.

The Northern Lights Art Council encourages everyone to attend the exhibit and Taylor’s presentation on Monday, February 2. Arrive prior to Taylor’s presentation at 7 p.m. to view the exhibit which ultimately asks, “What is your point of view on the oil boom?”