City Commissioners prepare for spring melt

At the recent Langdon City Commission meeting the commissioners began preparing for the melt and the summer mosquito season.


Posted on 2/15/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners heard the concerns of Randy Bata and the possible consequences a fast melt would have for his land that borders Mulberry Creek. Bata voiced his concerns with how full the ditches are with ice and that if there is a fast melt this spring that his farm land bordering Mulberry Creek will flood. Bata stated that he had informed the commission in 2012 that filling the ditches south of town with ice could cause significant damage to not only his farmland but to the new culverts that were just put in. Bata also stated that he spends a large sum every year cleaning the ditches on his land along Mulberry Creek.

Cameron Sillers, the legal advisor for the commissioners, stated that the county Water Board usually cleans the areas along the legal drains but that the Bata’s have declined the service and instead cleaned the drains themselves. Sillers made two suggestions for the commissioners to address the issue one being that the Water Board may need to purchase the ditches owned by Bata and that Kent Ritterman inspect the area so that he is aware of the area.

The commissioners agreed to the suggestions but will not make any decisions on the future of Mulberry Creek until after the proposed water projects are decided.

Superior Home Services, which is working with Wells Fargo to determine the future of the Messner house, reported that they have relinquished all documents collected by the city concerning the costs of either renovating or demolishing the house. Neither Sillers nor Gary Bimler were able to contact a representative at Wells Fargo to get an answer on what the company’s plans are for the property.

The commissioners have decided to send a certified letter to Well’s Fargo informing the company that a decision must be made by them on the future of the property by early spring or the house will be demolished by the city.

The commissioners received an inquiry from the State Health Department on if the City of Langdon has plans for aerial spraying mosquitoes this upcoming season. If so, a permit must be filed before the spraying can take place.

The commissioners believed it would be in the best interest of the residents of Langdon to at least have the permit on hand should the mosquitoes be as bad as they were last summer.

In Other Business

• Prior to the regular City meeting, the commissioners met with Moore Engineering to discuss the meeting that was held with Northeast Rural Water to discuss the findings and results of the proposed water projects. The test results of the Munich aquifer water quality were returned and are better than expected. The commissioners along with Moore Engineering will meet again with the representatives of rural water again but no date has been set.

• An abatement has been granted to a resident whose tax assessment was changed by Mel Carsen but the changes did not go through for the 2014 tax season. The difference in tax value was about $20,000.

• The commission approved expanding the Renaissance zone by 11 blocks

• The Cavalier County Job Development Authority received a $15,000 grant for the recruitment of a new chiropractor that is currently interning with Dr. Dave Blanchard in Langdon. Barb Crockett will be receiving a $5,000 store front loan for her  new location.