Langdon City Commissioners take care of business at recent meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a short meeting this past Monday evening. 


Posted on 2/28/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners heard from Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader for an update on the aerial spraying for the summer. Schrader informed the commissioners that the company the commissioners had contacted previously last summer would be sending information regarding the aerial spraying.

The commissioners maintained that they would like to have a permit for aerial spraying of mosquitoes should the need arise.

Karrie Mikkelsen and Carleen Schill were present at the meeting on behalf of the Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services to address a ongoing problem of cars being parked in front of their building.

The vehicles are being parked in front of the Langdon Senior Citizen for long durations of time causing havoc for the Cavalier County Transit bus which must park in front of the building next to the curb. The bus must be on the curb for the wheel chair ramp to operate correctly and also for the safety of the elderly passengers.

“So many people with handicaps that it’s dangerous if the bus is not right next to the curb” Mikkelsen said.

Mikkelsen and Schill had previously spoken with the Langdon Department of Streets Rob Gilseth who recommended that the issue be brought to the commissioners.

The commissioners agreed that the safety of the citizens using the Cavalier County Transit and the activity level of the service warranted a No Parking Zone along the entire length of the buildings.

The No Parking Zone will be from Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those who violate the No Parking Zone will be ticketed $25 for the first offense and  $75 after that.

The Langdon City Commission and local law enforcement will be strictly enforcing the new parking zone.

In Other Business

• Langdon City legal council Cameron Sillers had correspondence with the legal representatives for Wells Fargo concerning the Messner house. Wells Fargo will be having the property appraised to determine if it is worth the quoted repair cost of $400,000.

• The commissioners discussed holding an a town hall meeting asking for the public’s input concerning the water project. The commissioners will request the presence of Moore Engineering to at the meeting to help in answering questions. Northeast Regional Rural Water has informed the Langdon City Commission that they will be buying into the City of Devils Lake Water Department.