City Commission takes care of business

The Langdon City Commission had their first meeting of March this past week.


Posted on 3/14/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commission discussed economic and housing developments with Cavalier County Job Development Association Director Shannon Duerr at the meeting.

Duerr presented a funding request for Ken Carwile who will be opening a new chiropractic clinic once he has finished his internship with Dr. David Blanchard of Blanchard Chiropractic.

The clinic will be located in old dental building on main street.

Duerr presented a solution to the housing problem that is being experienced by those hoping to move to Langdon. A program that is sponsored by the EPA called the Brownfield program takes properties owned by the city and cleans them up for resale to developers.

The properties do not need to have environmental issues,just the potential for environmental problems.

An assessment would need to be conducted first before the city could apply to the program for funding. There is both a federal level a state level for this program.

Duerr explained that this solution would simultaneously clean up lots and  create new construction within the City of Langdon versus the alternative of expanding on the outside of the city.

“The Brownfield program would give a starting point and plan for the city” Duerr stated.

The commissioners agreed with Duerr and will look further into the proposed program.

In Other Business

• Chad Mittleider, the City of Langdon Water Treatment Plant Supervisor submitted his resignation letter to the Langdon City Commission. The commission will begin searching for a replacement.

• The commission heard a citizen complaint about a dog that has been leaving fecal matter in his yard. The commission will be sending a letter to the owner of the animal to prevent the dog from continuing this practice.

• The Langdon Activity Center proposed providing the volunteer fire department and search and rescue members a discount to the center for their services to the community.

• A few of the commissioners attended the Cavalier County Water Board(CCWB) meeting to discuss concerns about Mulberry Creek flooding due to the overflowing city resevoir. The CCWB requested that should the City of Langdon choose to continue to draw water from Mt. Carmel Dam that the city address the pipeline depth to reduce the overflow.

• Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader and Langdon City Assessor Mel Carsen will be reviewing past assessments to insure accuracy and prepare for the Equalization meeting that will be held in April.

• The commission discussed the re-carpeting of Langdon City Hall. The commission agreed that the new carpet should be squares instead of rolled carpet as squares would be easier to spot replace should the need ever arise.