Cavalier County Commissioners address tabled topics at meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners reviewed many of their tabled issues at the recent meeting.


Posted on 3/21/15

By Melissa Anderson

One such topic was the abatement request from Tom and Sheila Beauchamp. The Beauchamps had previously sent their request for an abatement on their property after the City of Langdon had approved the request.

The commissioners examined the photographic evidence provided by the Beauchamps. Upon  reviewing the pictures the commissioners decided that while there was damage to the property that the requested amount was to high and granted the Beauchamps a $5,255  true and full value abatement on their property as a result of the damage.

The Beauchamps will have their property reassessed based on the remaining true and full value and will receive the adjusted refund.

The Cavalier County Job Development Authority Director Shannon Duerr presented the the commissioners with the Brownfield grant program sponsored by the EPA.

The program gives grants to local governments to clean up properties owned by the cities and counties so that the properties can be sold to developers for housing purposes.

Duerr had previously presented the information to the City of Langdon, which gave the go ahead to continue the process of applying for the program.

The county commissioners also approved the project and Duerr will contact Kansas State University about conducting the necessary assessments of properties owned by the county.

In Other Business

•The commissioners discussion at the previous meeting of possibly moving the office of the NDSU Extension Agent to the Langdon Research Center was voted down. The extension agent’s office will remain at its current location in the Cavalier County Courthouse.

•Cavalier County Sheriff Dave Zeis discussed the Sheriff’s Department’s ongoing search for a deputy. Zeis also discussed replacement and upgrading of the current security cameras in the Cavalier County Courthouse.

• The request submitted in February by the Cavalier County Treasurer’s office for increased compensation for performing the Motor Vehicle Department duties was discussed and tabled until the next meeting.

• The City of Osnabrock’s request for the county to revoke the back taxes owed on a property that the city would like to demolish was granted.

•The commissioners discussed the sick leave and vacation time accounting practices of the county departments. The  commissioners were made aware that some departments of the county have different record keeping practices than others. The commissioners moved to make all the departments follow the same guidelines of record keeping in regards to sick leave and vacation time.

•The commission reviewed insurance bids from local insurnace companies, Mostad and Triwand for the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund. Mostad will be the new insurance provider.

• A stretch of Highway 55 near Frost Fire will be undergoing some road construction over the next 4 weeks. The stretch will be down to one lane as the work is being completed.

• The commissioners requested that Cavalier County Auditor Dawn Roppel send a letter to the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) for their assistance in weighing loaded trucks as the new load restrictions are being put in place. The new load limits will be number two restrictions on paved and a number one restriction on gravel roads of Cavalier County.