Spotlight on business: Brooks Funeral Home monument sales and pre-need planning

With the sale of any business, there are always some changes.

Brooks Funeral Home

Posted on 3/21/15

By Melissa Anderson

Brooks Funeral Home was bought in September 2014 by Thomas Askew of Askew Funeral Home in Cavalier.

One of the changes with the sale involved the granite monument sales. Since September, all granite monuments and markers have been ordered through Stennes Granite.

Dawn Kruk, the office manager at Brooks, has been selling granite for over five years and continues to do that at Brooks Funeral Home. Although Kruk worked directly with Cold Spring Granite, a major granite supplier, in the past – she now works more with Stennes Granite.

“It was just a good fit for Stennes to continue working a little more west than the Cavalier area, which they are very familiar with. They were very excited to expand their service to the Langdon area” Kruk stated.

“Lots of the granite monuments ordered are still purchased from Cold Spring, the granite supplier I used to work with, and other granite suppliers in the upper Midwest” Kruk continued.

Another concern when the funeral home ownership changed was “pre-need” insurance. This is simply funds put away to pay for personal funeral expenses at the time of a death.

Kruk mentioned that the funeral home has had many policy holders call and ask if they need to do anything since the funeral home changed owners. The answer is ‘no’.

“Any policies bought before the sale do not require any changes. Pre-planning personal finances is a popular and easy option for many families” Kruk said.

Kruk has been a licensed pre-need insurance agent for four years and can help those interested in purchasing or who have questions concerning pre-need insurance.

“It gives the people purchasing the insurance peace of mind that some things can be taken care of early so their loved ones do not have to worry” Kruk stated.

If you are interested in learning more about pre-planning, appointments can be made by calling the funeral home.

“Although there have not been too many changes with the sale of the funeral home, if you do have questions- please call and ask” Kruk said.

If you are interested in granite monuments or markers,  just give Brooks Funeral Home a call at 701-256-2568. Those interested can also email Kruk at

Normal office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but phones are answered 24 hours a day. They also have a new website – .