Langdon City Commission Prepares for Water Project Meeting

The Langdon City Commissioners discussed the upcoming water project meeting that will be held on March 30 at 6 p.m. at the Langdon Firehall.


Posted on 3/28/15

By Melissa Anderson

Moore Engineering will be creating a powerpoint to present information to the public in attendance. President Charles “Chuck” Downs informed his fellow commissioners that he had not received any word from Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) about the newly proposed hybrid option.

Downs had spoken with NRWD about the public meeting and representatives from NRWD would be present to answer any questions that would pertain to them.

The commissioners had received a correspondence from Dan Fischer, of Fischer Land Surveying on the topic of the Munich Aquifer option. Fischer informed the commission in his letter that he does not believe a drought would severely affect the water supply to the City of Langdon. The letter was forwarded to Moore Engineering.

The Langdon City Commission received a request from the State of North Dakota for Flood Plain information. The Langdon City Commissioners and Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader were unaware of who should be in charge of this information.

Records indicated that the previous Langdon City Auditor Tina Gustafson held responsibilities for flood plain advisement. The commissioners gave the Flood Plain Advisor responsibility to Schrader.

Sillers, Laaveg, and Wenzel representative Quinten Wenzel was present at the meeting and gave an update on the Messner house. The firm had contacted the attorneys in Dickinson representing Wells Fargo and informed them that if Sillers, Laaveg and Wenzel was not informed of their clients decision regarding what they would do with the Messner House property by April 15 that the City of Langdon would move forward with the demolition of the property.

The commissioners were in agreement that this would take place and that the utility companies that serve the property would be informed of the demolition date and shut off services to the property.

The commissioners reviewed a complaint filed about the current condition of the Boyd Block Plaza. The complaint stated the need for the plaza to be cleaned of debris following the removal of the City Christmas tree and snow thaw.

The fire department will hose down the area.

In Other Business

• Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader presented carpet samples and estimates to the commissioners.

Schrader informed the commissioners that Mel Carsen, the Langdon City Property Assessor,  and herself are moving back the City of Langdon Tax Equalization Board Meeting from April 14 to May 11.

• The commissioners  approved a catering request from Sporty’s Bar and Grill for the Knights of Columbus Supper.

• The commissioners approved the rental of Boyd Block Plaza request from the Northern Lights Art Council. The commissioners agree to rent to plaza to the council free of charge.