Langdon Floral hosts first “Sip and Snip” event

Langdon Floral has begun a new class for those interested in floral arrangement called “Sip and Snip”. 

Tati snip and sip

Posted on 4/4/15

By Melissa Anderson

Tatiana Davis, owner of Langdon Floral, got the idea for the classes from the Main Street Floral in Cavalier.

“They have been trying to talk me into it from day one. I went to one of their classes and it was really fun.”

Those who attend the class will be able to learn basic floral arrangement as well the names and primary uses for commonly used floral and fauna in arrangements.

The first class that Davis posted received such a positive and quick sign up that she decided to add a second session.

“The turnouts have been great,” Davis said.

Davis had to limit the sessions to only 10 people due to the limited available space she has in her workshop.

“I wish I had bigger space so I could have more people” Davis stated.

The hardest part of the classes is the work involved after the initial picking of the arrangements.

“I do a lot of math to get ready” Davis explained.

To prepare for the class, Davis must count how many flowers of each type needed for the decided upon arrangement prior to the event. Davis must also calculate the cost of the arrangement as well.

“It’s this really hard balance of what are people going to want to do and what can we afford to do” Davis stated.

Davis has already scheduled the next class for sometime around the end of May and is already planning the arrangement that will be used.

“I have started looking at possibilities for future classes all way through to Christmas this year” Davis said.

Accumulating ideas for later classes is the easy part as she brainstorms ways to mix it up so it isn’t just fresh flowers.

“I have been looking in to faux flowers which are little more long term than fresh flowers” Davis elaborated on.

Plants have also been suggested as a possible class subjects. The plants would be used to create dish gardens.

Davis hopes to keep the cost for the classes around $30 but it may fluctuate from $20 all the way up to around $50 depending on the arrangement that will be used. Davis plans on having the classes every other month.

The feedback from the first two classes has been very positive Davis explained, with many interested in the next class.

To put your name down for the next “Sip and Snip” class offered by Langdon Floral please contact Tatiana Davis at Langdon Floral at 701-256-2200.