Spotlight on Business: Crossroads gets a facelift

Crossroads Family Restaurant at the corner of Highway 1 and 5 in Langdon will be undergoing changes to update its atmosphere.


Posted on 4/4/15

By Melissa Anderson

One of the changes is the transfer of ownership back to George Phillips, who has owned the restaurant since 1978.

“Chicken” George, as he is affectionately known in Langdon,  has taken possession of the restaurant back from his son, Tony Phillips, who has decided to make a change and seek a new career.

Tony Phillips will continue to manage the restaurant in the interim while George looks after other commitments.

“The goals are to continue as a full service family restaurant with an emphasis on family service and quality food” George Phillips said.

The Crossroads Family Restaurant will be undergoing a minor remodel with new paint and wallpaper going up.

The menu will also be getting a overhaul that also includes new food items.

“We are doing something that may raise eyebrows, we used to do fresh dough pizza and we are considering bringing it back” Phillips said.

New faces will be at the restaurant as well with three new employees already hired and currently undergoing training.

One familiar face that will still be at the restaurant is Linda Kemple who has worked at the restaurant for 25 years.

Phillips plan is to create a very family friendly atmosphere and create incentives for families to come in.

“We are going to do a lot of family centered incentives to make this the family place of Langdon” Phillips said.

The main components of these incentives is to offer high quality food at great prices along with daily specials. The atmosphere will be a true family style with no adult beverages being served.

Phillips would like to thank the customers of the past and present for their support and looks forward to continuing to earn their support.

“The restaurant and the community have been very good to us and within my capabilities I will give my best effort to maintain the food service to the community” Phillips stated.

For those who are interested, Crossroads Family Restaurant has employment opportunities.

To contact Crossroads Family Restaurant please call 701-256-2750.