Melissa’s Musings: Incompetence is no excuse

I have been working as the reporter at this newspaper for almost a year now. In that time I have learned a lot and gained a new appreciation for the journalism field.


Posted on 5/9/15

By Melissa Anderson

I write this because when I started out I had a lot of questions. I made the effort to learn and do my utmost to ensure that my stories are accurate, honest, and nothing but the truth. Some stories require more effort to insure those three facets. I believe incompetence should not rewarded nor should it be ignored.

When I started I had a fundamental understanding of what this job means. The duty of a reporter, besides providing the news, is to keep government honest.

As I’m sure many have noticed I have a passion for politics. This stems from watching and interacting with local and federal governments. I do my best to be unbiased and view things for what they really are and how issues will affect everybody.

I attend the meetings of local government and keep tabs so to speak on the issues that are being addressed. Running a city or county is not easy but making the effort to learn is imperative. Just as imperative is realizing when you are in over head.

Of course public office has it’s learning curves but those curves should be straightened and the officer running the straight and narrow within a year if not months of their acquiring the position of power within the community.

Failure to learn and complete the duties of that office are grounds to be removes from that position. Protection should not be offered to those who fail to comply with these reasonable demands.

While I realize that holding positions such as commissioners, auditors, board members etc. is not easy,  those who choose to pursue these positions must be held accountable and be appropriately reprimanded when their actions have unfortunate consequences that could have been avoided.

When these unfortunate consequences cost taxpayers or other employees their jobs those in positions of power cannot ignore the individual who caused the problems.

How can you justify a person who refuses to acknowledge their part in the chaos and at the same justify your stance in allowing it to happen?

The situation in Langdon particularly has reached a tipping point. The residents of Langdon should and must address these issues to their city commission. If the community does not speak out about the problems, the commission will continue business as usual.

Don’t mistake me, however, after interacting with the local governments I assure you I do not hold anything against them personally. They are all good people and have been wonderful to meet and work with. But good people also need to be held accountable when they are not doing their jobs correctly.

Knowing what I know after the many meetings I have attended, something needs to be done and said about the situation. Protections need to be lifted and it’s time to face the music. Incompetence, at this point, is no excuse.

Citizens of Langdon your golden opportunity to address the wrongs that been committed is Monday night, 7 p.m. at Langdon City Hall during the fifth year in row of late Langdon City Equalization meetings.

Just as your vote matters to elect them, your voice matters now when they are in office. Make it count.