“Shoes for Chicago” campaign for youth trip

United Youth Group member Skylee Hoffarth, daughter of Patrick and RoxAnne Hoffarth, has a mission of her own before she and members of her youth group make their annual trip to the inner city of Chicago raising funds to buy shoes for underprivileged children.

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Posted on 5/15/15

By Melissa Anderson

Hoffarth started this project on her own, for the most part, but did receive some help from Pastor Garrett Freier.

“I like helping people and helping the kids will make them feel better,” Hoffarth said.

A sophomore at Langdon Area High School, Hoffarth learned that the children in the areas of Chicago that the youth group goes to, do not have much and that their parents often struggle to support their children.

“I am fortunate to have the things that I need, and I feel it’s important to have a good pair of shoes to start your day out running,” Hoffarth said.

The importance of this project to Hoffarth is apparent as she explained how much spending time with kids and watching them learn and smile  is something she loves.

“Giving these kids shoes and watching them smile will make my day,” Hoffarth stated.

By giving shoes to children,  it will help the families in the communities as most kids don’t have shoes. The parents will then be able to buy more food or other necessities that their family need.

“The parents will have less stress on how they will buy the kids shoes,” Hoffarth said.

Hoffarth has already started raising funds. She will be going around the community asking for donations and will also be sending out letters asking residents to donate to her “Shoes for Chicago.”

Hoffarth has a goal of raising $1,000 by July 15. Once Hoffarth reaches her goal, she will then take the money raised to purchase the shoes.

“I would just like to say I’m super excited for this and excited to see all the kids’ faces as we hand out the shoes to them. I would also like to thank everyone, in advance, who has helped and donates to this cause,” Hoffarth stated.

For those who want to help Hoffarth achieve her goal of “Shoes for Chicago”, there is an account set up at Choice Financial Bank where community members can donate to “Shoes for Chicago”.