LAHS HOSA class causes stir with drinking and driving video

The Langdon Area High School (LAHS) Health Occupations Students of America-Future Health Professionals (HOSA) group created an underage drinking and driving video that has been making waves for its honest and realistic portrayal of the consequences of drunk driving.


Posted on 5/23/15

By Melissa Anderson

The video was created for a  competition being sponsored through the Northern Lights Youth Services for school or community based youth groups in the counties of Benson, Cavalier, Eddy, Pierce, Ramsey, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill.

The purpose of the competition is to engage youth in the efforts of education about underage drinking because the most effective spokespersons are the youth themselves. The project’s theme was for teenagers and adults to “open your eye to the fact“ and was done in part with the website.

The LAHS HOSA group has been actively involved with the Healthy Cavalier County group and the Cavalier County Health District to spread the word about the effects that underage drinking and binge drinking can have on youth.

“We have distributed brochures, window clings, magnets, buttons, and stickers to the students in grades 5-8 at St. Alphonsus and 5-12 at the public school, CCMH, Maple Manor Care Center, and various businesses,” Carla Symons, the advisor for the HOSA group stated.

Symons continued and saying that the group has also made, delivered and hung posters, stuffed inserts into ball game programs and concerts programs, put stickers on popcorn bags, and recorded public service announcements to be played on the radio station.

“The main message we want people to know is that underage drinking has become a problem in the State of North Dakota and the number one alcohol related problem in ND is binge drinking,” Bethany Lowery, a HOSA member stated.

“We want the community to open their eyes to the facts and deal with the problem,” Lowery continued.

Symons recalled that when the group received the competition information, some of the HOSA students were very excited to do more than just talk about the dangers of drinking and driving. That is how the idea for the video started. The students wanted to continue to have people “open their eyes to the facts”.

“We made the video because drunk driving doesn’t affect just one person—it affects everyone in the “accident” and more,” Amber Olson, who participated in the video, stated.

Those students involved in the production included HOSA members and other interested high school students, Alison Brinegar, Corben Denault-Smith, Darrel Fox, Wyatt Gage, Casey Hoffarth, Bethany Lowery, Matayia Olsen, Amber Olson, and Amanda Winnegge.

The LAHS HOSA group and those interested high schoolers discussed and formulated a script and plan for the making of the video, contacting those who could best assist in the production of video for help.

Lorraine Gage, EMTs, and friends did the make-up effects and assisted with the making of the video. Kari Boesl of the Sheriff’s Department recited the 9-1-1 call, and Gene Kruk volunteered the car for the “crash” and the location to film the video.

Kruk donated a car for use in the video, pulling it out onto the road and running it over with his tractor to simulate an accident and placing it back in the ditch for the end scenes in the video. Kruk also cleaned up the aftermath of the simulation and returned the damaged car to its original place.

Gage, who did much of the special effects make-up for the simulated accident, stated that Kruk volunteered his services and property for the video so that “he could help kids realize the dangers and was so willing to help with the making of the video”.

The video was made over the course of two days, and during the making of simulated accident and EMS response, Gage stated that several cars actually stopped to help and many cars slowed down to view the simulated accident.

“One car actually drove down into the ditch to help. It was that real for them,” Gage stated.

The raw footage was then edited by Wyatt Gage. Those involved donated their time as well as the supplies used in the production of the video.

For Gage, participating in the video and watching the students involved realize the impact that drunk driving can have made the project very real to her.

“I have been on those types of calls, and the video really hit home,” Gage said.

Gage explained that teenagers don’t have the education or understanding of how dangerous vehicles can be when not driven properly or the importance of respecting vehicles. Combined with drinking and driving, the dangerous mix can result in severe injury or death.

“I really think participating raised awareness for drinking and driving,” Gage stated.

When filming was complete, Wyatt Gage took the raw footage and edited it into the five minute video. The finished video has garnered much attention just as the production did with over 4,000 views on Facebook.

“I feel the video is very well done. They did a fantastic job! It is very graphic and realistic and certainly does convey the message of the results of underage drinking and driving. Those that participated will never forget it and hopefully other people that view it will be impacted,” Symons stated.

Those involved with the video  said that there is a mutual feeling that it is not about winning the competition, it is about working together and creating awareness of the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. Should the video win the contest the prize for first place is $500 and there are two second place prizes of $250 each.

“I’m glad that they made the video. They did an awesome job and I hope that it teaches people not to drink and drive.” Hanna Schneider, a student at LAHS stated.

Symons and the LAHS HOSA group wishes to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the making of the video and their fantastic enthusiasm in helping the LAHS HOSA group raise awareness about drinking and driving.

“We give thanks to everyone that helped in the process of making the video and also the Republican for doing this article,” Lowery stated.

The video can also be  watched on and can be viewed under “Langdon HOSA Students Drinking and Driving”.