Little Star Theatre of Milton forms new board; MCT planned

The Little Star Theatre in Milton has formed a new board to manage the theatre after the previous board disbanded after nearly 30 years of running the theater. 

Little star theatre

Posted on 5/23/15

By Melissa Anderson

“We had heard that they had disbanded for various reasons and the theatre had closed its doors. We didn’t want to see that happen, so we stepped in and researched what we needed to do to keep it going – and here we are,” board member Carla Gimmell stated.

The new Little Star Theatre board is composed of Todd Borchardt, Dori Heck, Warren Jonasson, Tony and Megan Ottem, Amber Sperling, along with Carla and Kendall Gemmill.

The main goal of the board at this time is to keep the theatre alive and active. The board members are excited about bringing other events back to the community, specifically movies.

“We’re just in the pre-planning stages there, but we are all very optimistic about it working out,” Gimmell stated.

The work involved to bring movies back to the theatre is hefty, but Gimmell explained that the board feels it is worth the work involved and that it would be well received by the community of Milton, as well as surrounding communities with residents that used to come to Milton for weekend shows and other events.

On an annual basis, the board has plans to continue to house the community of Milton’s Memorial Day service for the American Legion Post located in the community, as well as the Missoula Children’s Theater for a week during the summer.

Missoula Children’s Theater (MCT), which is based in Missoula, Mont., is an organization that brings performing arts to towns across the world. The MCT have tour teams that travel to a different community each week and work with kids to put on a performance in just five days. Some are Disney inspired, while others are original story lines from MCT.

“Milton has been host to MCT for around 30 years, and it continues to be a great experience for everyone involved,” Gimmell stated.

Children as young as 5 years old all the way to 12th grade are welcome to audition .

“We welcome kids from all surrounding communities. Our main goal for the kids that participate is to have fun,” Gimmell said.

The performance this summer will be Wiz of the West, and auditions for the play are being held Monday, June 15 at 10 a.m.

“Please consider bringing your kids or grandkids to audition,” Gimmell stated.

The Little Star Theatre is a non-profit organization, which means it relies solely on donations to keep the theatre up and running.

“We have reached out to area businesses and organizations asking them to consider contributing and have had a very generous response. As we move forward with other entertainment possibilities, we will look into holding fundraisers for those specific events,”Gimmell stated.

The list of “thank you’s” is a long one already, and Gimmell is sure it will only continue to grow. Generous support has come from the community of Milton, both businesses and residents, as well as businesses from the surrounding communities. Alumni of the MCT have also given support both financially and artistically.

“Really, it is humbling to see and feel the support that this little theatre has received. It holds a big piece of people’s hearts, as well as a lot of memories for a lot of people,”Gimmell said.

The board would like to say thank you to the previous board for the great job they did keeping the theatre active for so many years, and in such great shape.

“It is our hope that we can keep it going for just as long,” Gimmell stated on behalf of the board.

If you haven’t been in the Little Star Theatre, Gimmell encourages you to attend one of the events this summer.

The new board has also started a Facebook group “Milton’s Little Star Theatre” so check out the page and “like” them.

“We hope to see you at the Little Star Theatre soon.”

If anyone has questions or ideas, they can contact Carla Gemmill, at 256-2440, or any of the board member.