Langdon City Commission meeting

The Langdon City Commission held their last meeting for the month of May. 


Posted on 5/30/15

By Melissa Anderson

Prior to their commission meeting the commissioners met with Moore Engineering representative Kent Ritterman to discuss the new report on the treatment of Mt. Carmel water and needed updates to the city water system.

Ritterman informed the commission about updates needed  to the raw water intake, pumping to the water towers and storage, the sewer treatment system and lagoons, and the sanitary sewer collection system.

Ritterman and another representative from Moore Engineering discussed what it would cost to retrofit the current water treatment plant to reverse osmosis. Ritterman informed the commission that pipeline from Mt. Carmel to the City of Langdon would also need to be updated as the pipes are not rated for the pressure that is needed.

New estimates for this project have increased from previous reports by about $750,000 to a total of almost $9 million. Ritterman told the commission that funding from Rural Development could be sought if the project was divided into total project costs of $5 million.

Ritterman also stated that funding from the state would become available on July 1 but that the city project would be going up against the Northeast Regional Water District’s Devils Lake project.

The commission asked Ritterman if aerating Mulberry Creek, as was done in years past, would eliminate the smell issue of Mt. Carmel water. Ritterman agreed that it would but was uncertain to what extent.

During their regular meeting the commission discussed issues concerning the condition of the streets and shared complaints that had been expressed to them.

The commission also discussed the Langdon Activity Center’s leaking roof and decided to explore the options of either recaulking or spraying foam along the roof seams in attempts to extend the life of the current roof.

Lafrenz Fireworks applied for a fireworks sale permit along with Langdon’s General Store. The Lafrenz permit was approved. Langdon’s General Store’s application will be reviewed by the Langdon Fire Department and the Fire Marshall as concerns were raised about fireworks being housed in such close proximity to the apartments above the store.

In Other Business

• Commissioner Jim Rademacher informed his fellow commissioners about a recent hiccup at the water treatment plant. He informed the commission that the employees were able to correct the problem.

• The commission designated the Cavalier County Republican as the official newspaper for the City of Langdon.

•Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader informed the commission that she has been busy assisting the Cavalier County Auditor and Tax Director in sending out letters for notice of increase of assessments to the residents of Langdon so those who want to challenge the assessment will have a chance to at the Cavalier County Equalization meeting on June 2.

• Daryl Uhrich had concerns about the new United Telephone Mutual Aide (UTMA) building and his property. His concern had to do with fire codes. Gary Bimmler, the City of Langdon Building Inspector informed the commission there was really nothing for Urhich to be concerned about.

• The commission approved a Renaissance zone request ofSarah Overby. Overby will be purchasing the old Choice Insurance building and will move Thrivent Financial into that location and complete some renovations.

• The commission held an executive meeting and discussed the meeting held last week with the Cavalier County Commission.