Langdon City Commission holds meeting

The Langdon City Commission had a diverse agenda to discuss at their most recent meeting. 


Posted on 6/13/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commission heard an abatement request from Runa Anderson for the tax year of 2014. The commission began discussing the request before Anderson arrived, with Langdon City Assessor Mel Carsen giving his point of view on the request.

Carsen stated that Anderson’s home was actually exempt from taxes in 2014 and that only the lot was taxed. Carsen stated that Anderson’s request was for a decrease in value of $30,000. Commissioner Cody Schlittenhard pointed out in the written request that what Anderson really seemed to be wanting was to have the correct information regarding her property on the property card that will be used for future assessment by the City of Langdon.

When Anderson arrived she stated that what she wanted was indeed to have correct information about her property on the card used for assessments. Anderson stated that her property card lists a three car garage and a finished basement, which is not true.

Anderson also had some complaints about the handling of her assessment by Carsen to express to the city commission. Anderson was unhappy with the fact that Carsen appeared to have entered her home while she was not present and that she does not believe he was at her home according the story Carsen told her regarding how he obtained entry.

Carsen stated that he had taken care of the corrections prior to the meeting.

Langdon City Attorney Cameron Sillers presented a solution to a problem relating to the property of Pete Klingbeil. Sillers stated that the city must go through a vacation process in order to give the property owned by the city to Klingbeil and another resident whose properties were put on city property by mistake. The commission agreed to start the process.

Emmanuel Evangelical Church requested to rent Boyd Block Plaza for a non-profit event. The  church will be bringing a group of singers to Langdon who are originally from Bolivia to sing and share their culture with the community of Langdon. The request was approved.

Eagles and Sporty’s requested to rent Boyd Block Plaza for the street dance they are co-sponsoring on June 27. The two businesses also requested catering licenses for the event. The two requests were approved.

The Langdon Chamber of Commerce requested a fireworks permit for Music Fest occurring on July 25.

David Kartes contacted the city asking if the city owned the lots across from the Langdon Implement and if they were for sale. The commission will follow the precedent set by previous sales and set the price for $2,500 for all of the lots owned by the city. Suggestions from the building inspector and the city supervisor that the city have Kartes come in to discuss his plans or send in a letter explaining his plans for the property were heard and agreed to.

Prior to adjournment of the regular meeting Cameron Sillers brought up the topic of the letter sent by the Cavalier County Commission advising the City of Langdon to create a plan for reassessment of the residential properties.

Sillers, at the request of Commission Chair Charles “Chuck” Downs and Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader, had reviewed the protocols and uses of executive session of municipals. Sillers advised the city commission on what can and cannot be done during executive session, as well as the protocols that must be followed while in executive session.

Sillers verified with the commission that what they would be discussing in executive session was that the city wished to petition at the state level against the county’s request to reassess the City of Langdon and how the city would provide an explanation as to why the city should not be forced to do the reassessment.

In Other Business

Commissioner Cody Schlittenhard informed his fellow commissioners and Schrader of complaints he had received from residents concerning a rental property that has accumulated a lot of trash such as mattresses and small appliances around the property. Schrader will be contacting the owner of the rental property to have the trash removed.

• The commission reviewed and approved a Technical Support Contract with Moore Engineering and Jason Busse.

• The commission approved the pledge of securities.

• Department reports were given. Most of the departments had nothing to report or nothing new to report. The City Supervisor requested the commission start considering the purchasing of a new tractor for snow removal as the current tractor has reached its limit. A new tractor would cost about $180,000 to $200,000.

• After the executive session discussion, Downs had this to say, “We have to respond to the letter they [Cavalier County Commission] sent to us, and we should be very close to a response at our next meeting”. When asked if the city had a plan in regards to the addressing of the request, Downs stated, “We are working on it.”