D & B’s Show and Shine Car Show expands and moves to Main Street

The annual Show and Shine car show sponsored by D B Motors of Langdon will be mixing it up this year with changes in location, day, and what models of Chevrolet are allowed.

Show and Shine

Posted on 6/20/15

By Melissa Anderson

For the past three years D&B has held the show at their dealership, having around 50 Chevy Corvettes and Camaros entered each year.

This year, however, D&B Motors is expanding the show beyond the trademark Corvettes and Camaros. D&B Motors has opened the car show to any and all Chevrolet models.

“I know we have a lot of nice vehicles in the area that were excluded, and now we should have a good show,”Jennifer Busse, Sales Marketing/Internet Manager of D&B Motors, stated.

The expansion to all Chevrolet models is not the only change that will have attendees excited to come. The location has also been changed.

Previous shows were held at the D&B Motors show lot where attendees could not only view the Corvettes and Camaros but new and notable Chevy models that were available for purchase.

Now the attendees will venture to the heart of Langdon on main street where cars will sparkle and shine in front of area businesses and in conjunction with the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce events.

“We would like to see more people be able to participate so we thought this would be a great year to do so since we will have more room on Main Street,” Busse stated.

With Main Street at their disposal, D&B Motors hopes to see as many as 100 cars filling the street.

“I would be happy with 60 to 70 plus. I’m not sure what to expect. If we can top what we had in the past, I would be happy,” Busse said.

The categories for the car show with the expansion to all models will be similar to years past. There will be a category for Corvettes, Camaros, and an Open Class for all the other Chevy models that are entered. The show as a whole is open to all years of Chevy models.

First and second place trophies will be available for each category. All registered participants will receive a t-shirt.

Those attending and participating will also be able to view the sports cars currently in stock at D&B Motors. The dealership will be bringing the Corvettes and Camaros that are currently available for purchase from D&B Motors to the show for the public to view and compare the new models versus the old.

D&B Motors, along with car owners, would like to remind attendees of the car show that while it is open to everyone and family friendly, please respect the cars.

“Car owners put a lot of work into restoring their cars and are very proud them. They work hard and shine them up for the show, and we ask those that attend to be respectful of that,” Busse stated.

The time of the week is  another big change from previous years. Normally held during the week, the show will instead take place on Saturday, June 27 from 2-5 p.m.

The change in venue and day of week was done in part to not only encourage more participants to enter their cars but also to encourage attendance. The show will occur at a time when attendees can explore main street of Langdon. On June 27, there will be many activities occurring during the day in conjunction with the D&B Motors Show and Shine Car Show.

“We brought it to main street so we could add another event to bring people to main street for a fun filled day. We are hoping people come for the car show and stay for an evening of fun,” Busse said.

“We would like more room for our participants. Our main street has grown so much. It’s fun to show it off so people can see what Langdon has to offer,” Busse said.

D&B will also be sponsoring a free showing of the cult classic “American Graffiti” at the Roxy during the car show for both attendees and participants of the show to enjoy.

“People will be able to pop in and out of the Roxy to watch part or all of a movie,” Busse said.

Depending on the turnout, D&B Motors plans on having future shows held on main street as well.

“It’s a trial year, but we are certainly hoping it goes well,” Busse stated.

The money raised at the car show will once again be going to the Langdon Day Care Center.

If you have a Chevy and want to show it off at the D&B Show and Shine but don’t know where you will stay that weekend, the D&B has a block of rooms available to participants at the Cobblestone Inn of Langdon.

Registration for the show is $20, and participants have the choice of pre-registering or registering the day of when arriving at the car show.

For those last moment participants, registration the day of will take place at the Langdon Eagles. To pre-register or for any questions, please call Jennifer Busse at 256-5331.

So if you have a Chevy that you want to show off or if you enjoy gazing into the shined up chrome of a Corvette or Camaro mark June 27 on your calendar for a trip to D&B Motors Show and Shine on main street in Langdon.