Lafrenz Fireworks celebrates 30 years

It is 30 years ago this year that Greg Lafrenz began selling fireworks in Langdon.

Lafrenz fireworks

Posted on 6/27/15

By Melissa Anderson

The home grown, family business is now run by his three children: Amber (Lafrenz) Soli, Adam Lafrenz and Austin Lafrenz, who plan on running it for another 30 years.

Greg Lafrenz began selling fireworks in 1985 at both Langdon and Lake Metigoshe but after a few years sold exclusively in Langdon.

“For years we sold the fireworks out of a semi-trailer; however, as our business has grown, we have moved into the large building attached to Langdon Stor-All,” Amber Soli stated.

The move into the larger location has been well worth it over the years as Lafrenz Fireworks has been able to carry over 200 different types of fireworks. The large selection of items supply customers with a variety of the largest consumer grade fireworks available.

“The past six years we have also been able to attend our wholesale company’s annual fireworks show. This has been helpful in hand-selecting the best fireworks available,” Soli said.

Amber, Adam, and Austin grew up spending the week leading up to the 4th of July at the fireworks stand.

“It has always been a time of year we look forward to. We especially enjoy seeing the same customers from year to year,” Soli stated.

Starting so young in the fireworks business has helped Soli and her brothers better understand the business and the product  that they sell.

“Growing up in a family orientated business has helped us grow in many ways. It’s taught us all aspect of business and how to interact with people,” Austin stated.

“I have to say working with people and getting to know them on a personal level is my favorite part,” Adam said.

Looking towards the future, the Lafrenz siblings look forward to passing the torch on to the next generation.

“I just had my first child in December and am excited to have the next generation grow up learning the business we love,” Soli stated.

“Lafrenz Fireworks has been around for 30 years, so why not get a new generation involved and go at least another 30 years,” Adam added.

The three Lafrenz siblings continue to operate the business in a family way by sharing the responsibilities of the business for the past decade. Amber orders the fireworks and Adam and Austin have been in charge of setting up for the week of sales.

“We each spend time selling fireworks throughout the week. Our mother, Pam Lafrenz, and significant others-Jason Soli, Alexis Dubois, and Breanna Mack also help,” Soli explained.

Fireworks enthusiasts and those just looking for sparklers will find items to meet their needs without having to make the trip to a larger seller in a big city. Lafrenz Fireworks does not necessarily specialize in any type of firework but does have fireworks for all ages and interests from the sparklers to the “Big Booms”.

From the small items favored by kids and pranksters like party snaps and confetti poppers, to a wide variety of day and night time fireworks for adults the stand has something for every member of the family. Lafrenze Fireworks also has assortment packs for those who just can’t decide.

“We are excited to be introducing some new assortment packages this year,” Soli said.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Lafrenz Fireworks is having a buy two get one free special on firecrackers with a coupon found in the Cavalier County Republican. Lafrenz Fireworks will also be serving hot dogs, chips, and pop free to customers from 5 to 7 p.m. on July 3.

Lafrenz Fireworks would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July holiday.