Nekoma Fire Department remodels fire hall

The Nekoma Fire District has given their fire hall a much needed remodel after years of fundraising efforts finally paid off. 

Nekoma fire department

Posted on 7/4/15

By Melissa Anderson

The main projects that needed addressing at the fire hall was a leaking roof. The water damage cause by the leak also lead to mold in walls and the carpet in the meeting room.  It wasn’t just the inside that needed some TLC but also the exterior. It needed updates to the old tin which was faded and had holes.

With the fire hall needing so much attention, the fundraising efforts were important to getting it back into tip top shape. Deciding on how to get the project going was probably one of the hardest parts for the members of the department.

“They talked about it for a few years, but the project never really took shape until Tom and Janet Schill donated $2500 to the fire department through the Monsanto company’s “America’s Farmers Grow Communities” Fund,” Janet Schill, member of the Nekoma Rural Volunteer Fire Department, said.

After that the department held a mud run every summer to generate more funds for the much needed project. The fire department also received some cash donations from local businesses and citizens to assist in the remodel project.

“Without all this support, the project would never have happened so we really appreciate everyone’s generosity,” Schill stated.

The total cost for the remodel was around $20,000. The exterior portion of the project cost approximately $12,000 which was paid for by the fire department. The meeting room remodel cost about $8,000 and was a 50/50 cost share between the fire department and the city of Nekoma as the city also uses the meeting room.

As a result of the remodel, the leaky roof has been replaced, there is a new tin on the entire outside, cement in front of fire hall was replaced and there is added brick to the front of the building. The meeting room was gutted and remodeled giving it a much needed update and removing the mold hazard.

Currently, the Nekoma Fire District has about 15 active volunteer firefighters.

“We are extremely lucky that right now we have three younger men on the department that keep up with training by attending the North Dakota Fire School every year,” Schill said.

Schill went on to explain that these same three also volunteered their time and did most of the work on the meeting room remodel helping to cut costs.

The Nekoma Rural Volunteer Fire Department will be having an open house on July 9th at the fire hall from 6 until 8 p.m.  They will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the new grill that was partially donated to them by Langdon Implement.

“We invite everyone to come check out the awesome work that was done by our volunteer firefighters to complete this project,” Schill said.