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Class reunions aren’t so bad after all


Posted on 7/11/15

By Jake Kulland

If you’re like me, you’ve never looked forward to a class reunion (Is that girl going to be as stuck up as she was in high school?  Is that guy still an idiot?).  But after attending my 30 year (That’s right, 30!) class reunion in Williston over the 4th of July, I came away with a much different impression.  There was no talk of how much money everyone makes, or how much hair they have left.  It was all about just being together again and having fun.  If you are on the fence about attending a similar shindig, we would encourage you very much to do so.  You will regret not going, just trust me on that. Speaking of Williston, I get asked a lot if things have slowed down out there with the oil prices so low.  Well, it hasn’t stopped the building, that’s for sure.  Countless apartment complexes are going up in all parts of town, the retail sector has picked up as well. While the traffic has let up slightly, it is still insane to drive out there, especially on a weekday.  So it’s still kind of a milder Wild West in Willyville.

Golf Tournament continue to click along

The Langdon Country Club is gearing up for another big week of tournaments.  The North Valley Senior Tour will make it’s annual stop in Langdon on July 13.  It’s open to men aged 50 and over, and we believe will start around 10 a.m.  Then July 16 it’s the annual Northern Canola Growers Tournament, which is the largest one of the season. We pray for good weather for all of these tourneys.

Softball to enter the postseason

The Northern League Girls Softball Tournament will be held in Drayton July 19.  Two Langdon teams will be involved, with Team 1 having the top seed, and Team 2 right in the mix as well.  Hats off to both teams on great seasons and to Darin Gellner and Jeff Kruk for doing a great job running both teams.  Girls softball has been quite a dynasty in Langdon the last several years, and we hope for the best for the girls in the postseason.

“See ya!” next week!