Cavalier County Commission holds meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners had a full agenda at their recent meeting. 


Posted on 7/25/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commission heard several updates from the county departments. The department updates included the Weed, Treasurer, Public Health, Clerk of Court, Veterans’ Services and the Sheriff’s office.

Leon Pederson, the Weed Officer for Cavalier County, informed the commission that the department has been working with area land owners to reduce the amount of weeds on private and county owned lands. The department has also gotten a new trailer for hauling of tanks containing chemical.

Cindy Stremick, the Cavalier County Treasurer, informed the commission that her department has been continuing to work on the tax delinquent paperwork. Stremick also reviewed the security pledges and funds that the county has in area banks.

Terri Gustafson was present on behalf of the Public Health District and updated the commission on changes to the rules and regulations for environmental health as well as new rules that were recently put in place.

Cavalier County Sheriff Dave Zeis and Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch gave the update for the Sheriff’s Department. Fetsch informed the commission that the Department had been approached by Parks and Recreation to apply for a grant in order to receive funding to purchase OHV’s for use in the Pembina Gorge on the OHV trails. Fetsch explained that currently the department does not have any vehicles that could be used for law enforcement or search and rescue in the Gorge. The grant would be for two side-by-side 4-wheelers with cabs, heaters, and tracks for use in winter time and a trailer to haul the two vehicles.

Anita Beauchamp gave an update for the Clerk of Court which will be seeking grant to remodel aspects of the court room including the witness stand.

The commissioners met with Leon Hiltner of Veterans’ Services who informed the commission that his department has received a van for the transportation of veterans to medical appointments. The van is a 2015 Dodge equipped with a wheelchair ramp and has room for six passengers. The new program will hopefully be operational by October 1 as Hiltner needs to work on the administrative protocols for the running of the program as well as find drivers.

The county commission met with the Langdon City Commission to discuss how the city will be moving forward with addressing the issue of the assessments. City Commissioners Charles “Chuck” Downs, Cody Schlittenhard and Marty Tetrault along with Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader were present and informed the county commission that the city had looked into the reassessment of the City of Langdon as requested and had come up with an alternative plan.

The cost to do so would be very expensive and would not be able to be started until next fall at the earliest. The city commission will be having Jerry Ratzlaff, the assessor for Ramsey County, do a random selection of about 20 properties in the City of Langdon to prove that the assessments of Mel Carsen are close if not accurate. The city will also be looking into purchasing new assessing software from Vanguard.

The county commissioners informed the city that the issue that the county has is not with the assessment values but with the mistakes and inconsistencies that occurred in finding those values. Another issue the county reiterated to the city is that there did not seem to be fairness in the assessment process.

The county requested that when the city does the random selection of properties that they do as many as the assessor will allow and the properties be selected from one section or subdivision of the city.

County Commissioner Stanley Dick asked if the city had a percentage of error in mind before action would be taken to which the city replied that they believe the assessments will come back pretty close.

The county also requested that when the city meets with Ratzlaff that they inform the county so some of the county commissioners can sit in on the meeting. The county also agreed that the Vanguard program would be a good idea and requested a joint meeting with the Vanguard representative.

In Other Business

• The county met with Highway Supervisor Terry Johnston and a representative from KLJ to discuss road projects that will be requesting funding from the state. Other topics discussed with Johnston included the county road maintenance vehicles in need of being replaced.

• The commissioners approved a fireworks permit for the Langdon Country Club for an event on August 8.

• The commissioners approved Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz as the delegate for the county to the NDACO.