Cavalier County Commissioners hold short meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held a short meeting as a result of a short agenda. 


Posted on 8/8/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners met with Highway Supervisor Terry Johnston to discusses the slated road projects that will be put forth to seek funding from the state.

The commission and Johnston also discussed the condition of the gravel roads maintained by the county. The commissioners and Johnston were in agreement that the roads are in very good condition for this time year save for a few areas.

The commission and Johnston then discussed the issue of  vehicles for maintenance of the county roads. After some discussion the commission agreed that it was better to spend more on the onset on a vehicle to ensure that constant maintenance would not be an issue right away.

The commission then heard budgets for the upcoming fiscal year from four departments.

The first budget presented was from the Cavalier County Treasurer Cindy Stremick. Stremick informed the commission that the increases to her budget would be for salary and the inclusion of the retirement accounts in the budget. Stremick explained that the cost of phone services has gone down. Everything else in Stremick’s budget has remained the same.

Karen Kempert, Director for Cavalier County Emergency Management (EMS) presented the budget for the department. The increases in budget for the EMS was due to the increase in salary and travel expenses. Kempert explained to the commissioners that about 95 percent of the budget for EMS is 50 percent reimbursed by the state.

Macine Lukach presented the budget for the NDSU Extension Service. The budget for the extension service increased from the last year but was still under its cap. Some of the increases are due to NDSU no longer giving an allowance for postage, travel expenses for when the new agent is hired, and professional development.

Lukach explained that the budget for the extension service does not use all of its allotted four mills and as such would like to use a portion of the mills to update the office furniture in the extension office.

Lukach updated the commission on the search for a new extension agent. NDSU has found a possible candidate and will be interviewing in the near future.