City Commission conducts business at meeting

The Langdon City Commission had two major topics of discussion at their recent meeting.


Posted on 8/15/15

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Mark Lambrecht of Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S), who presented a city wide pavement assessment  agreement plan.

Lambrecht presented the agreement plan to the commissioners as a starting point for evaluating the condition of city streets and determining which streets would be a priority for repair. The subsequent reports could be used for projects as engineering reports, reducing the initial cost of the project.

After some discussion, the city commissioners decided to enter into an agreement with AE2S for beginning the process and evaluation of the city streets with hopes to start field work yet this fall and potentially start some projects next summer.

The next item the commission discussed was the pay loader that is needed by the Street and Sanitation Departments. The commission questioned whither or not the rock tires  on the new loader would fit the old loader and if the bolt patterns would match so that the old loader could be used by the Sanitiation  Department.

The RDO representative present believed that the bolt patterns for both loaders were the same making the switch possible. The commission accepted the bid from RDO for a John Deere loader at a cost of about $230,000 with a $21,000 trade in value for the old loader and a five year buy-back guarantee. Financing for this purchase is yet to be decided upon.

Commission Chair Charles “Chuck” Downs informed the commission of the update from Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman. Downs stated that Ritterman would be present at the next commission meeting to present bid documents for the moving of a water line to a deeper depth.

City Building Inspector Gary Bimler informed the commission that one of the building permits was located in area that should be rezoned from residential to industrial. Bimler explained that the lot in question was designated as residential but was surrounded by industrial buildings. The building permit request was to create a large shop for storage and workspace. The commission agreed that the lot should be rezoned as industrial and would start the necessary rezoning procedures.

In Other Business

• The Cavalier County Job Development Authority submitted a funding request for a storefront for the new location of Thrivent Financial. The Commission approved the request.

• A catering license was applied for by the Eagles Club for the Cory Hoffarth wedding. The license was approved.

• Donald Bernardi asked the commission if he needed any special license or permission from the city to operate his food truck within city limits. The commission was unsure if he needed a vendor’s license or if the state license was sufficient.  Langdon City Auditor Connie Schrader was instructed to look into the matter and contact Bernardi with what she found out.